$4,000 Flame job

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  1. Can someone tell me how to post pics. I have a nice flame job I would like to show. :)
  2. right below the text box there is a button that says manage attachments click on that, then upload your pics. two at a time.
  3. I wanna see. I wanna see
  4. Bring it! I would love to see it.
  5. The manage attachments is not available in quick reply. You must use advanced.
  6. Click post a reply.
    Scroll down to manage attachments and click...A browes box will appear..click it......it will link to your computer files..select a pic by clicking and hit upload.
    There is a pic size limit and you may need to reduced the image size in a photo editor if you get an error message.

    Send me a PM if you still need help and I'll give you an Email address and I'll reduce and post them...I wanna see these pics..LOL
  7. These are some pics right after second coat of clear was sprayed.I will show pics of car monday when I get it back.
  8. It will look better in the sun. There is metal flake in the flames using candy blues and purles and a lime green pinstripe it has also been drop shadowed.
  9. dude that is sweet!
  10. What a GREAT paint job!!! :lol:
  11. All I can say is "insane", that is awsome!
  12. wow, looking forward to seeing the finished car...
  13. it has a very nice effect. love flames when done well.
  14. I thought flames were red. :shrug:

    Congrats :nice:
  15. A paint job that even Boyd Coddington would be proud of. Bring tears to my eyes Boss! Spectacular!!!!!

    My compliments to you for the nuts to do it and the artist for pulling it off.

  16. Looks great!!! Have any pics of the car on the ground?? Also FYI I host all my pics on www.mustangmods.com all you have to do is register and then upload your images.
  17. Looks great!! Can't wait to see the finished product!! :nice:
  18. i would love to see the car when its out of the paint shop,
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