4.0L Mustang- Track Times Anyone?

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  1. Anyone here taken their 4.0L Mustang to the track?

    I'm real curious to see what kind of numbers these cars turn in the real world.

    Feedback appreciated. In a year or so I may consider purchasing one of these as a new daily driver.
  2. I raced a 2004 3.9L manual mustang today, mines auto, both are stock, had 2 car lengths on him by 80mph, if that gives you an idea. I do have a GT muffler though but i don't know if it gains any hp.
  3. Eh....impossible to really tell from something like that, but thanks for the info.

    Only 3.8L Mustang I saw run was a 5speed car with bolt-ons (dual exhaust, "cold air induction", ect.) running 15.88s....if you had two cars on him at 80, close to where he'd be finishing the 1/4, you'd be running ~15.5.

    I'm hoping to see the 4.0L cars at ~15.0 or even high 14s. Shouldn't be impossible, since the SN95 5.0s had about the same power and could run high 14s with a proper driver.
  4. lots of the 5.0's also had posi traction. They might have had the same horsepower, but the torque is still not as good on the new 4.0's. My best time is a 15.10 (gtech) and my best track time is a 15.31.

    EDIT: i have never seen a 5.0 run 14's stock either, maybe with just better tires, but never stock. Buddy has an 89 gt thats 100% stock to still usin donut tires and stock intake (think he has deep cell battery lol). And he can only pull 15.3's at the track as well (on the street i seem to beat him more often than not). Also seen a 90 gt with headers, gears, intake and tires only pull a 14.4.
  5. fazm83- You ran 15.31 in a 4.0L Mustang? Cool....what transmission? Care to post your 60' and 1/4 mph too?

    As for the 5.0s, I've seen plenty of stockers run high 14s. Even some of the mags got 14s out of the fox body cars.
  6. I was bout to post my timeslips but the ones i found have me runnin 14's so i think i have mine in my friends g35 and i have his lol, as soon as i get mine ill post.
  7. Thanks man.
  8. manual tranny
    60ft 2.402 sec
    1/8 mile 9.88 sec
    1/8 mile mph 75.02mph
    1/4 mile et 15.26
    1/4 mile mph 95.1mph

    in case you are curious, my friends g35
    60ft 2.350sec
    1/8 mile 9.67 sec
    1/8 mile mph 75.20mph
    1/4 mile et 14.98
    1/4 mile mph 95.3mph

    that auto of him hurts him off the line and goin down the track after bout the 1/8th mile (he has 295-30zr19's on his car, so those help a lil off the line).

    His car has headers, intake, exhaust, and retune.

    EDIT: After my 3rd gear shift it appeared to me as if i was starting to catch him.
    (firebird raceway, from what ive heard, not that good of a track)
  9. Haven't been to a track but I've got some times using my G-Timer.

    Mine is an automatic.

    Stock my best was a 15.2 90.6, 2.32 60', 6.9 0 to 60

    After tuning w/ XCalibrator best was 14.9 @ 91.6, 2.2 60', 6.42 0 to 60

    After adding CAI best is 14.78 @ (94 I think, forgot to write it down), 2.15 60', 6.35 0 to 60

    No improvement noticed after adding axle back exhaust (except it sounds better).

    The stock 15.2 run was hard to duplicate (had mostly 15.4 & 15.5 runs).
    The 14.9 w/XCalibrator was backed up with some 15.0 & 15.05 runs.
    The 14.78 is backed up with a lot of 14.8 & 14.85 runs. As long as I don't spin the tires too much I can usually get around a 14.8.

    JBA headers should be here soon.
    I think a set of 4.10 gears should get below 14.5 easy. (I'm still thinking on that change though).

    I know the G-Timer may not be completely accurate but it shows how much the changes have helped my car.
  10. Yeah, it doesnt matter if its accurate, but it shows change, and as long as the change is consistant, then that means good :) So just a retune and a cai can drop it from the stock 6.9 to 6.4 and lower, awesome find! especially for an auto.

    EDIT: And your still running single exhuast right?
  11. I would say those are pretty accurate numbers since magazine testing is 15.3 for the stock (15.2 and 15.4 split down the middle). runnin high 14's is pretty good with just those 2 mods. Im waiting for the diablosport to come out for the v6, as ive noticed people are getting better results from their gt's with that compared to the sct. Im hopin with a CAI, exhaust, and tune i can pull some 14.6's. (best gtech run is 15.10)
  12. By the way, i forget which magazine did this, but one of the ones i subscribe to just had an article on timers. The gtech proved to be higher (slower) than what was actually being run. I believe the car was a G6 and ran something like a 16.15 and the gtech said about a 16.25
  13. You're right 5.0 had MORE torque 285 from the factory compared to the 4.0's 240...and a friend of mine (insane driver lots of racing experience) ran a bone stock right down to the paper filter 95 gt and got a 14.0 and if you would like his name he is on stangnet I will ask him what it is..just pm me...the sn95 5.o would take the 4.0 don't kid yourself...I worked at ford for awhile and know the capabilities of the 4.0L it is a strong engine but it will not hold it's own against the 5.0
  14. fazm83, you need to work on that 60'! I could see your car running 14s with a better launch.
  15. Tell me about it, i either bog or light em up at the track lol. My friend pulled a 2.124 60' time in my car and he only went once, but he cant powershift like i do, so he ran a 16.2 lol.

    302fordracer, thats pretty amazing, not saying its impossible either, just sayin i've never seen it. Its all about the driver. I've seen a mach1 run a 15.2 so anything is possible lol.

    EDIT: 302fordracer, and i wasn't saying the 4.0 would take them, i was saying they had no chance :p
  16. Eh...if you're running high 14s-low 15s, you running with SN95 5.0s, like it or not. You're even closer with SN95 4.6s.

    That's pretty damned good for the base model Mustang.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I might buy a manual transmission 4.0L in the next year or so. High 14s is quick enough to not frustrate me driving it. :lol:
  17. You could always get "a little help from zex" if you get frustrated ;)
  18. Heh...I don't know about all that. I'm assuming the 4.0L has the same returnless style fuel system as the 99+ 4.6L cars have? I'm not going to spray a dry shot on that system, and I wouldn't be thrilled with installing a wet kit either.

    Besides, my goal is to have a nice, smooth idlin' daily driver that looks good and has enough balls to get out of it's own way and to run 11s with a heads/cam/intake/nitrous combo in my 95 GT. Besides a gauze filter and some Flows I won't be modifying whatever it is I buy.
  19. My only plans for sure are tune, intake, exhaust and possibley gears. If i get the need for speed ill add some headers and maybe like a 50-75 shot.