4.0L Mustang- Track Times Anyone?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Swarzkopf, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Make sure you look into your fuel system before you spray on that ****er...I used to have a 99 GT and was all set to buy a regular EFI Ford when I found out that the 99+ Ford motors use returnless fuel systems, and dry kits don't work with them. I'm not a fan of wet kits on modern EFI cars, as fuel is not meant to travel through modern intake manifolds.
  2. Ill just wait until they make a vehicle specific application like the NOSzle system from NOS
  3. That's a direct port system, right? Can't go wrong with that.
  4. yes it is :) have one on my 01 gt :)
  5. Cool **** dude...what do you run? I had a 99 GT convertible that I liked alot, but really didn't know where to go with it modification wise. There are alot more options now.
  6. its an automatic, so i actually never took it to the track, figured it would be pointless :) i know it'd beat my 05 v6 lol.
  7. Borrow some slicks and see what happens. Also 3.73 or 4.10 gears would do wonders for the high winding 4.0.

    I've thought about getting a V6 '05 or '06 for a daily driver. But I like my '98 GT so much as a daily driver I can't bring myself to part with it.
  8. Borrow slicks from.....? and i dont want to break nothing lol
  9. I am getting mixed signals on the different gears, I have heard some say it has hindered their times with the 4.10s and others have not said, I am pondering new gears but I have an automatic, so I do not know if they will do anything for me.
    I sure wish I had the extra cash for new headers thats for sure.
  10. The 4.10's are hindering times because the car is havin to shift to 4th in the quarter mile. With just an upgrade to 3.73s i dont think it would, and thats what im lookin to do.
  11. i thought it shifted into 4th at around 85 besides a new diff. 4.10 would drop that even lower, and if your hitting 100 in a 1/4 mile, then your probably having to shift all five gears.
  12. What exactly do 3.73s or 4.10s do?
  13. They will lower the gear ratio, enabling you to get to higher rpm's quicker, as well as more umph overall. Take for instance a 2 speed drill, in first, its slow, but can tear your arm off, though the motor is running say 10000 rpm's. in second, same 10000 rpm's, but different ratio to make bit faster, thus not as much torque, and wont be able to rip your arm off. (my weird analogy)
  14. i hit 103 in 3rd gear before i have to shift. I run the quarter between 89 and 95mph so i dont even come close to 4th yet.
  15. intresting, i didnt think the autos were that far off from the manuals, what does 2nd go to, in mine its 60mph, the 85 for third, maybe around 115 for 4th
  16. 1st hits around 40, not sure exactly.
    2nd gear hits about 70mph (i push my gears by the way)
    3rd hits between 102 and 103
    and 4th, who knows, and 5th ill never know.

    I think the rear end is diff from the autos to manual (3.31 to 3.55?) but im not sure about the actual gearing in the trans. I do know that the automatics cut you short on redline by 150-200rpm in higher gears, its the computer at work.
  17. ok, i just went and checked (for educational purposes) 3rd gear tops out at about 102, and when you hit redline it runs at about 100mph constantly.
  18. Hey I see in your sig you're racing at Firebird. Feel free to come out and join us, 3.8mustang.com and v6power.net are having a meet this Friday (tomorrow, the 27th).

    We'd love to gawk over your '05, and maybe offer you tips to lower your 60' time. Firebird is a tricky track for launches and generally pretty slow.