4.10 gear question

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by MUUUstangs_rock, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. i was just wondering what kinda results i could expect for installing a t-lok differential and 4.10 gear ratio...like would it greatly increase accel...cuz i feel like my car has all this power that is going to only one wheel and i just feel the horsepwoer and torgue being robbed away.
  2. Well, you will definately get better traction, and 4.10s will knock some time of the quarter mile times. The one problem about 4.10s on a 5 speed, don't expect to practically use 1st gear, as first gear would end at 30 mph, a very quick gear. And maybe highway gas milage goes down somewhat (1-3mpg I hear is common) with maybe a 1-2mpg possible increase in city, but if you're not concerned with highway milage then it's nothing. None if it exactly increase torque or horsepower, t-lok only senses slipage, then engages clutches to use the other wheel to see if you can go, and the gears only increase acceleration through ratios, but decrease top speed.
  3. yeah i only drive city cuz im in high school and i never drive highway but once a blue moon, but i was just looking for an idea of what to expect. my friend has a 2000 gt 5 spd and it was pretty fast, but when he changed out his gears to 4.10 it was just so much ridiculously faster. yeah and i heard that gears are like invisible horsepower and torque, like it wont show on the dyno but like it feels as if it added.

  4. True, they will help you a good amount. But 4:10's are too steep for your car. Like was already said, you won't really use first gear any more around town. It will be extremly short.

    Also, a near-stock or light bolt-on 3.8 stang's powerband doesn't really match up with gears that steep. When you upshift, the next gear will start so high in the revs (at wot) that you will be wasting some of your powerband.

    You will love 3:73's. They are a perfect match for your car, and won't annoy you in a daily driver.