4.10 Gear videos in daily driving

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  1. As promised. For those of you asking what I'm talking about, some members asked for some video of a GT with 4.10's driving around in city traffic.

    Some notes about the vids, I know my CEL is on, I got it cleared today. And I know my coolant light is on, my float won't rise anymore.

    And if you can't read it, that's 118k miles on the odometer.

    I had poor traction on the spirited vids, and I have no idea who the guy is who is breaking the law.


    Pardon the crappy camera and crappy commentary....I didn't know if I was going to have time to put text in the vids, so I spoke what I was thinking.

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  2. Thanks for taking the time to do all that i believe it will be very helpful for everyone, i know it was for me, now if i could just get money for 4.10s and the install. I love the last vid, thats what sold me i was afraid the top end would be gone. Much appreciated.

  3. Appreciated.
  4. Oh man, thanks a lot :D Almost no one follows up on something like that

    Unfortunatly im at school and cant watch them now :mad:
  5. I just watched some of them, they are very nice and complete and informative :D Thanks, upping this so others can watch
  6. spreadman,

    Nice vids man.....very informative as the others stated. Hey I'm in H-Town as well. Is there a chance we could meet up sumtim and you could take me for a ride so I could feel the diffirence the gears make? Also I do alot of highway (75-90mph) driving to and from work....do yall think 3.90 would keep my RPM' a lil lower at those speeds...or do I just need to leave earlier and drive slower?
  7. Spreadman, all I gotta say is THANK YOU! that is the most informative and helpful thing I've ever seen posted, it really gives someone a perfect example of what it'd be like driving with those gears! the "get up and go" in 5th is impressive... much different than the stock gears! thanks again man!
  8. How about making this a sticky?? I too, find these videos very informative. It made me have second thoughts about keeping my stock gears.
  9. Very good info. Thanks. Should make this a sticky
  10. Thanks for the videos. I am sure that I want to get 4:10 gears now :D . Maybe I will talk someone into getting them for me for Christmas.

    By the way your car sounds really good.
  11. thanks for the vids, definately made one decision for me.... if the car was a weekender I'd def be getting 4:10s
    looks like its something a bit milder for this DD, too much highway time for me to be driving at 4k+ over 80
  12. Awesome videos, much appreciated! :D

    Wish my car was that quiet. :(
  13. Thanks for the great vids :nice: .
  14. slow download..
  15. Are you on dialup??????

    I downloaded all of them in about 10 minutes on my DSL connection.... :shrug:
  16. Thanks guys, I tried to get every scenario I could think of. And it shouldn't be a slow download, my server will do 300k/sec with cable.
  17. I gotta say... awesome, after reviewing all the vids, it apppears that the 25-85 MPH is a very quick jump, and also seems like it'd set one back in the seat pretty hard.... so on a long 100 mile trip, holding it at 70mph around 2800rpm wouldnt hurt the car any??? I know it's nowhere near the redline, but at 3000, it 'sounds' wound up, I guess that's just the exhaust?
  18. Very cool Spreadman :nice:
  19. Keep in mind, it might be reving higher, but the gears are allowing the motor to move the car more efficiently. So no, it's not harmful to the car at all. No more harmful than you sitting at a redlight reving. :)
  20. I only tack 3000 rpm's @ 90 mph.I have 4.10's ona 2003 gt with a dallas mustang speed_cal.