4.10 Gear videos in daily driving

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  1. Thanks for the great videos! Job well done :nice: Mark
  2. I watched Vid #7...awsome, car sounds good.Sounds about like me hitting 3rd with the 3.27s...as far as performance, seems about normal about the same as 3rd with 3.27s...but I didnt see the lower gear vids (dial up...30-40 minutes for #7 LOL) I am sure that where 4.10 will shine.Funny in about 3 1/2 - 4 seconds, a little less that what you held it, my 66 goes from around 70-75 indicated to 110 indicated (20 MPH off)...what a rush...you punching it just reminded me of my drop to 2nd at 50-55 in the old stang. Anyways I will try that 70-90 thing in my 04 tomorrow, just to compare.Nice vid BTW.
  3. I love how my car sounds. And if you have Flowmasters, 4.10's will put you outside of the drone-zone, so it shouldn't be a problem.

    If you drive the speed limit, your mpg will not suffer anymore than with stock gears.
  4. The gear RPM ain't bad, but man you've got some brutal drone! Guess I know I'm not going with a set of Magnapac's. :D
  5. It's not drone. It's just loud. :) Drone rattles fillings. Mine hums.
  6. I didnt hear any drone in the vids, its just a loud exhaust
  7. That part where the exhaust is bellowing so loud, that you're not able to hear him speak.....that's drone. And it;s really pronounced between 1800 and 2200rpm. Yes, I admit it's a really loud exhaust, and sounds great at all levels but the dreaded drone is still there just the same and it's amongst the loudest I've ever heard. You can really hear it right around the 00:40 mark of the 3rd video.
  8. Trust me on this....what you hear is my crappy camera, with a crappy mic, picking up all the bass from the exhaust. It doesn't drone. I drive the car, I've had flows, I know what drone is, and these don't drone.
  9. Thanks for the vids Spreadman it's much appreciated! :nice:
  10. Once again thanks for the awesome vids, I'm installing FRPP 4.10's (already on order) thanks to your cids helping the decision along.

    I agree, that with the 4.10's the rpm will be slightly higher, enough to get away from the 2100rpm drone area... I just put 1-chamber flowmasters on my car, and while I feel it sounds good, I want it louder, I'm installing an O/R H pipe, and I think that that gear change will really help the drone, cause right now, freeway runs about 2100rpm, right in the drone... am I right? cause the with 1-chambers staying out of the 2100rpm range is probably gonna be important after the H-pipe installed.
  11. I got rid of my spped cal. Wouldn't even register rpm's. I have 3:73's and run 80mph @2900-3000. My buddy has a stock 98 cobra with 4:10's that runs 70 mph @ 3000rpm. A little to high for my liking. When I get my supercharger installed, Im taking the 3:73's out, and installing 3:55's.
  12. Wow, great post!!!

    This is very informative, I'm thinking about getting 4.10's after watching that video.
  13. on the second vid where your driving from a dead stop, are u starting the car in first or second? If it's first it seems like ur only on it for a second and shifting way before your even at 10 mph. Does that get annoying having 1st be so short? Thanks for the great vids..
  14. Started off in first. No, it doesn't get annoying. The car makes some very nice noises during shifts (exhaust related) so I don't mind it. But that was starting off slow, if I lay into it, I can go much higher.
  15. Oh man, that just got me all confused again! I was sure that i was going with 3.73s cuz i drive about 20 miles every day on the highway at about 75mph and having the rpms above 3200 scared me. but ur car looks like so much fun! now i dont know what to do.
    oh...and heres the question......
    I live in NY....anyone ever driven 410s on light snow??? my car is a dd so it sees light snow quite often
  16. Even though I already have 4.10s, I still find the vids to be quite interesting. I noticed the 5-speed revs higher than an auto (I rarely go above 3K RPM unless I floor it) on partial throttle. Even when I "manually" shift my auto, it still looks and sounds way different.

    <=== never rode in or driven a manual before.
  17. I never knew so many people were hesitant to install 4.10's
    They are the ONLY gear to put in a 4.6. You are wasting your time with anything else. I had them in my 98 for years without thinking twice about it. Power was only a dropped gear away.
    BTW- I was pushing 3k @ 70mph
    Either you don't have 4.10's or your calibration is off. If Corral.net's calc page was working, I'd show you.
    I should know. I drove the same 20 miles of highway twice a day for 2 years straight going to school and work. The speed limit was 70...

    Man- I never knew there was that much difference in the trans line. I sit corrected.
  18. Great post. Answered many questions I had.
  19. i live in Houston and drive my coupe with 4.10's all day. lotsa fun.