4.10 Gear videos in daily driving

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  1. Just an FYI:

    You were doing 4k RPM at 100mph, stock will be at 3k at the same speed:

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  2. Spreadman, my car came with 3.55s when i bought it. Its a '97 with stock heads, but I may either be doing the PI headswap or installing a Patriot head/cam combo. Would you recommend 4.10s, or will I not see much of a difference?
  3. I would recommend them even with your stock motor. It really wakes up a car.
  4. I have a 2004 GT and I have had 4.10's in mine since the second day I bought it. It is perfect for red light to redlight but if someone wants to race you on the interstate rolling off at 70mph then you are screwed. I raced and '03 cobra rolling off at 50mph and I pulled him all the way through 4th and had to let out and he said he just had shifted into 4th. I sprayed him too so I know that ran my RPM's up quicker but how ofted do you get to race at top speed. I plan to keep my 4.10's
  5. I have given a Bullitt a run for his money. We went at it from 75. I left it in 5th and began to reel him in after 90 and walked away from him all the way to 145, and I let off because we were running out of clear road.

    I have no problem with top end, or racing from a roll.
  6. I had a question about the installation

    1. Is it difficult

    2. How much would you expect to pay to have the 4.10s installed

    3. Does it void the waranty of the car
  7. good stuff! Thanks for the info!
  8. Video links no longer working? :shrug:
  9. Ditto, I am eager to see these videos as I am thinking about going with 4:10 gears. Hope you are able to fix the link.
  10. Yeah, I'm sure I'll be able to fix the link! :doh:
  11. Sorry, the server crash reverted back to my old links. Try them now.
  12. Still bad
  13. Works for me. Right click / save as.
  14. It works now. Wonder why I couldn't get it to work before? I watched the small one, 5 megs, since I'm on dial up. I know when I floor my car in 5th it take like an hour to get going! Damn 2.73s lol
  15. Spreadman, that was pretty informative stuff man. Thanks for taking the time to get them reposted. I especially liked that last one. I noticed the upper RPM shifts 1-2 at 15+mph, 2-3 at 45mph, 3-4 at 75mph and 4-5 at just over 90mph (and just over the 13seconds since video had started). Seems that guy got pretty darn close to redline in fifth at around 140mph which is still solid top end. The car sounds great too. I've been hell bent for 4.10s and now I'm sure I would like to rush that even more as being my first mod. :hail2:
  16. man im definately getting some of those bad boys. curious how much it cost you total?
  17. hey, this one sorta worries me, isnt reving the engine alot bad for it? I really want to get these but i dont want to f up anything in my car.
  18. No.....not to this extent. You're only tacking on another couple of hundred RPM with this gear change.....not a couple of thousand. :D
  19. 123k miles on mine, and I rev it like no other, and it's fine. :D
  20. Just wanted to add my 2ยข in here - just got my 4.10s installed last week. Love 'em! I took a road trip this weekend and still got almost 27mpg on the highway, and of course it really rips in the lower gears now. Plus the fact that I can actually accelerate (even up a hill) in 5th gear rocks.

    Another thing that is hard to explain, but it just feels tighter to drive now - as well as not being quite as touchy to start out in first gear. Overall, I can't really think of any disadvantages to getting them - even on a daily driver!

    I do have a small amount of gear whine, but it only seems to be in certain situations, like at low rpms during high speed cruising, and sometimes during deceleration. I know the folks who installed them did them right, though - it could be partly due to the fact that they are used gears and aren't mating exactly as they did in the previous install. Anybody who knows more than me, feel free to chime in.

    4.10s = :nice: :nice: