4.10 Gear videos in daily driving

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  1. I took a video for people who don't believe the driveability of the 4.10 on a standing start (full street trim).

    0-110 mph

    My mods: 4.10, OR h-pipe. My tires are pretty worn (10% remaining).
  2. Nice video, but it doesn’t exactly show how good their drivability is. :scratch: Only that they’re great for acceleration.
  3. I meant that the 1st gear isn't THAT short. I barely spun the 90% used tires.
  4. Great Post I really can't wait to get the 4.10's now
  5. I'm really looking into gears for my 98 GT, but I am really concerned about the 4.10's (like many people are). I've watched some of the videos and the 4.10's look awesome for accerating.

    But my concern is 1st gear from a stand still. If I'm at a light waitign for the green or at a stop sign or what ever and it's time to go, under part throttle how much time passes before you have to shift to 2nd?

    Most of the time when I drive I shift out of 1st at about 3000-3500 rpm, occasionaly 4000 rpm and sometimes higher.
  6. I agree... i sometimes even shift at 2500 rpm's and im dirving a 98 svt cobra.
    of course thats really sissy shifting.. hehe, but thats on my relax cruising days.. so if anyone has the answer tho his question.. id be intrested to hear the outcome.
  7. Great thread; thanks for posting the vid's.

    Found this thread while researching my 1st gear problem. I'm running 4.30's and in every day driving I never use 1st gear. So, I was thinking of going up to 3.90's or 3.73's.

    Man have I got a lot of static and flaming for wanting to go up. "don't do it"!, "you're gutting your car", "all Cobra's should have come from the factory with 4.30's", "you'll be sorry", and on and on.

    So, I'm really up in the air on what to do. I hear that if I go with 3.73's or 3.90's I'll still be shifting into 2nd before I cross an intersection. And then, 2nd will be a little less amenable to being used as a 1st gear.

    One thing about highway cruising. I bought this car in PHX and drove it up here to LAS. I cruised at 3000rpm +/-. I don't thing 3k is putting a particular work load on the engine. Should I be concerned about that?

    Here's a spreadsheet u guys can download and play with:

  8. FYI: Vid links are down again.

  9. Yeah, registerfly jerked me over, so I'm looking into a new hosting site.

    I'll update them once they are up again.
  12. Ok normal take it easy cruising with 4.10's shifting at a sissy 2200-2500 is 10mph ish or before your even in the intersection in 2nd about 15 feet later and usually in 3rd before I have finished crossing the intersection. FYI I knocked down 23.64 MPG on the highway running 80 with ac cranked. In a 04 gt.
  13. the video's link doesnt work at this time, anyone have a backup?
    thanks :nice:
  14. I want to install 4.10 gears in my 2001 Bullitt but I really want to see these videos that everyone is raving about before I will be completely sold on the gear choice.

    Please post the vids. Thanks.
  15. Fixed the links. Sorry gang. Had to shuffle some things around, but they work.

  16. i'm waiting on my gears to come in from mustang tunning. now that i've seen these vid.'s i can't frikin wait till next week when i can put them in. thanks a bunch. :nice: although does your car still run at normal temp when on a highway run for a good distance? just wondering for when i make the trip to mustang week, it's a long drive.
  17. I would drive 25 miles each way to work, at relatively high speeds....no overheating issues.

    Just double check all of your fluids before you leave.
  18. What is the break in period for new gears?
  19. Finally got to watch the vids. :nice:

    Looks great......for Texas or climates where the car never gets driven in snow. I live about 45 miles as the birds fly from Buffalo, NY. Just south of Rochester. Let me tell you we get snow. Like 95" a year on average. Last winter we had like 130 inches I think.

    I'm concerned that the 4.10's would be too much for the winter driving situations I am faced with daily.
  20. Great job man, helps me decide