4.10 Gear videos in daily driving

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  1. I got 4.10's. I love them. Those Vids look like I'm driving in my car. :D
  2. I thought with 4.10's you could not top your car out as high as he did...is 5th gear just longer then the rest or whats up?
  3. your car will not be limited by gear, it is drag limited as to the top speed. Gears do not make the car run hot. 4.10s do not give you some uncontrollable power. They do put you in the power band quicker and you will shift sooner. You can blow the tires off easier.From cars that I have ridden in with 3.73s, I am glad I went with 4.10s.410s are more fun than 3.27, I never had 3.73. My car went on 2-300 miles tripes with no problems at all.
  4. My `80 had 3.73 with no overdrive and open exhaust, the 600 mile trip to Ft.Worth wasn't too bad at 3500. (302).
  5. my 80 has 3.73 and no overdrive. On a 600 mile trip to ft worth i turned 3500 with open exhaust(headers and h pipe). no problem.
  6. Thanks for the Vids

    I viewed your vids about two weeks ago and was pretty much soldon the gears, well now that they are in my car I can't believe how much faster my car feels! I would reccomend this mod to anyone with a 4.6L mustang that wants to be able to make the "hidden power" in our cars come to life.

    I will make this short. IF YOU DON'T HAVE 4.10'S... GET THEM! IT IS THE BEST "FIRST MOD" YOU CAN DO TO YOUR CAR... Hands Down!!! :hail2:
  7. Should I get 4.10 gears even with stock rims and tires in an 00 GT 5speed? Im thinking its not gonna get good traction from launches. Im just looking for the best acceleration for the buck. What do you guys suggest, Max micro tuner or gears?

  8. Anyone on here is going to say gears. What ones you pick, however, will be determined by what you are planning on doing, and how you drive.

    Me, 3.73s are preferred.
    Most, 4.10s are the only way to go.

    Make sure to view the 4.10 and the 3.73 vids before choosing. They will tell you what rpm you will run at what speed. :)
  9. How you come out of the hole is all going to depend on how much restrain you can show with your right foot. These 4.6's are a little soft on the low-end torque as it is, so launching them with gears and some decent control isn't all that difficult in comparison to an old OHV 5.0L powered Mustang. And you should wait until you can afford to do the tuner and gears at the same time for best results.....that way you'll be able to calibrate your speedo at the same time. :nice:
  10. I still have the 3.27s in the car now and gears are going to be the next mod for this car. The car puts down a little shy of 400 whp now. I see some people with blowers using 3.73s to retain a little longer gear? What are your guys opinions on 4.10s with a blower, the majority of people I see in here are N/A, should the added blower really mean anything for my gear selection? I am totally clueless as to which way I should go. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :nice:
  11. 4.10's + your current set up would be a very mean car if you could get the power to the ground. Address the traction issue and you won't even be able to chisel the smile off your face. :D Just remember, you'll be rowing through 1st and 2nd gear in a hurry.
  12. As of right now the 315s in the back are 555r's and I don't have much trouble getting power to the ground now. What would you say the power to the wheels would multiply by?

    As this car IS a DD to and from work 30 miles each way mostly highway. I understand that I shouldn't be complaining about gas mileage with a car like this but this weekend paying 2.79 a gallon sucked ass :nono: :notnice:

    I honestly remember about 7 years ago when I was in high school paying 89 cents for premium 94 octane. :damnit: :flag:
  13. Well, if gas mileage is a big concern, you could stick with the 3.73's, but remember blown cars don't get hard on gas unless you're into the throttle all the time. That's the really nice thing about doing it with a blower/turbo. With the 4.10's in there, you wouldn't have to shift out of overdrive or really get into boost climbing those long hills like you would with the 3.27’s. Keep your right foot under wraps and you'll likely loose no more than 3-4mpg over what you're knocking down now.

    And you’re not really adding to the rear wheel horsepower per say, you’re just making better use of the power the car already makes. The lower gears allows you to move into the power band that much quicker and since you’re running a centrifugal; it means less waiting time for the blower to spool up, until the “fun” starts. :D
  14. :) I realize you aren't adding and rwhp, but all I hear about is people spinning the **** out of the tires. By using 4.10s vs. 3.27s could we say theoretically that if I pushing 350ft. lbs of torque through the rear tires in first, how kind of numerical value could be placed on what ft. lbs. of torque the tires would see in first gear.

    Obviously 1st gear being shorter will definitely put a higher torque rating persay to the tires causing them to spin much more.

    Being an engineer I look at mechanics a little differently so I don't know if this question can be answered or not, but by all means someone try to help me out here ;)
  15. I really enjoyed the vidZ...

    I do understand what you are saying as far as how much power is being put to the tires in first with 3.27 vs 4.10s. The rwhp or torq doesn't change as you already know, but the amount of time it takes to get to the true powerband of your car will decrease dramatically. If you read this thread you may have heard some people talking about changing gears half way through an intersection with 4.10s and changing gears later with their 3.27 or current set up. That is the best explanation that I could come up with as far as answering your question. I am sure there is a formula with the exact munbers you are looking for, but the amount of people with that knowledge or understanding of the mechanics I feel is few and far between.

    Personally I have read a good many articles of guys with monster cars moving down in the gear number, say from 4.10s to 3.55s in order to keep the car a daily driver, so from my view, and experience I would tell you to get 3.73 gears with a supercharger. Yes, we all want to be fast, but keeping it in perspective is good advise with the current gas prices. The extra 2-3 mpg you get with 3.73 may be just enough to keep your car a daily driver for alot longer for those of us with that dreaded thing called a budget.
  16. Thats the answer I was looking for 95.0Stang, thanks for throwing that out there. I am still curious to see if anyone knows the formulas to figure out what kinda power the wheels would see in first gear but oh well.

    I think I'm going to pull the trigger on some 3.73s to retain mileage and sanity in the cockpit not having to listen to the loudmouth IIs at 3500 rpms on the highway :)
  17. Heres a track vid with 245/45/17 Nitto's on stock rims. Have 4.10's of course.


    As for the torque improvement... you could take engine tq x 1st gear ratio x rear gear ratio and get your torque to the tires... but its all relative anyways. Just take your current gear ratio (like 3.27) / new gear ratio (4.10) = 20+ % more torque
  18. After the 4.10's install in my car, I think that 4.10's should be the minimum in modular cars(even with centrifugals). With that said; don't be a sissy!

  19. great vids gears will be my next mod.
  20. 311 mile were put on his car and he only wasted 1/2 of a quarter tank of gas.