4.10 Gear videos in daily driving

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  1. :lol: :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: Great vid man! Finally a vid that shows pretty much exact mods my Stang has so I can get a good comparison. Thanks bud! :nice:
  2. wondering if ne1 knows what an auto would tac at say 70 with 4.10s
  3. Bullitarchive.com has a reference table you could look at.
  4. Im going 4.10 in my car. I'll probably go FMS since I have had no problems in the past with them. I'll also do the rebuild kit while there doing them. Possibly an aluminum driveshaft but there mucho money now. How much is the speed cal?
  5. sweet vid
  6. Nice vid. My 4.10s go in next week a I can't wait to have NO TRACTION.
  7. speed cal is around $100.

    the 4.10's are great you'll love them if you don't mind the extra shifting and a few more trips to the rubber shop :D
  8. 4.30s are very streetable in a 32V. You will not be sorry.
  9. love the vid, very exact and to the point, I have 4.10s in my room right now, installing after BearBrake upgrade this weekend, CANT WAIT .........WANT TO BE IN MY SEAT GLUED !!!!
  10. Thats it I getting 4.10s PERIOD. Maybe for christmas?!?!?!:D
  11. hey spreadman, whenever i click on the link, it's saying page error. i'm not sure why they aren't loading. any suggestions?
  12. Dude, this thread is over 2-years old now. He's since totalled that Mustang and replaced it with a Zo6 Corvette....... I doubt he's even hosting the video anymore. :D
  13. yea i know that, but i was wondering if there was any way to see these videos
  14. They worked when I last posted:shrug:
  15. DOH, turns out my chromeyellow.org went away. I'll rehost them. Gimme a few minutes.
  16. Fixed the links. Should be good to go.
  17. ^^ they take real long cant get it to work
  18. I just tested it, getting 130kb/sec. Seems to be ok.