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  1. spreadman. i need your personal opinion. i am wanting to drag race my car. at the moment i'm putting out 270 hp and 316 tq to the wheels with 01 mustang gt 5 spd. my question is, which should i go with, 373s or 410s? i'm going to end up pushing 400-500 hp to the wheels with a KB. so should i get 373s or 410s? b/c i hear 410s lose traction really easy
  2. To answer the question for Spreadman, if I may......

    The difference between 400rwhp and 500rwhp is a pretty big gap. If you're honestly going to be making towards the high end of that figure, with a Positive Displacement blower like a Twin Screw offered by Kenne Bell, then 3.55's would probably be a better bet for a street/strip car.

    Now realistically, most Kenne Bell guys are seeing close to 377-420hp on street gas (2.1L) while still running their stock short block....and that's with modest bolt ons. Not to mention, seeing 500rwhp with a 2.1L without the use of a steady diet of race gas is going to be a stretch, so unless you're honestly planning on sinking a good pile of money into a built short block, as well as ponying up the extra dough for the 2.4L and additional upgrades needed in order to attain that goal (fuel, ignition, hood, etc). I'd realistically stick with the 3.73's. Not to mention, if you plan on drag racing this car, don’t count on the stock 28-spine rear end, or rear suspension components holding up to too many passes on the strip with that kind of power and torque on tape!

    Now, I could be way off base here, but my guess is that you’re overshooting your projected power levels (like 90% of the guys on this board) and probably aren’t, willing to drop (or are aware of) the kind of time and money (you’re looking at $10,000-$15,000 minimum to do it right) you’ll need to put into this car in for it to see and perform properly with 500rwhp under foot. Now….400rwhp….much more doable a lot less expensive and a lot more stock part friendly. :nice:
  3. i know what i'm getting myself into saying 500 hp. i have already decided to drop at least 15k into the car.
  4. I dropped 22k into mine to get 505rwhp.

    And I would have changed a couple of things....but keep in mind, I DIDN'T drag my car, I wanted a street beast.

    I would have gone with a KB 2.2 and 3.27's. Don't get me wrong, the 3.73's and Novi were a blast, but after driving the Z for a while, you just can't beat the feeling of low-end torque. Keeping it in 3rd gear at 10mph, and being able to floor it and it just takes off.....wonderful.

    I know Tim at Modular Powerhouse has worked miracles with KB's....heck, he's got one now that's pushing 900+rwhp, and Jim Fitzgerald runs 9's all day long with his KB.

    So my answer to you is, if you plan to go centri....3.73's....if you run stock tires, you will be hitting the rev limiter with 4.10's. But they'll be ok if you run a tall slick. If you go KB....3.27's. Hope that helps.
  5. spreadman i cannot get the link to the videos to work it ask for a password?
  6. Give me a day or so to fix it. I had to lock down my old domain, lemme get them moved.
  7. OK folks. I fixed the links again. Hopefully they'll stay that way for a while.

    (just watched all the vids again)

    I miss that car. :(
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  9. Considering the original post is from 12 years ago, and then the "fixed" links are still from 7 years ago, I'd bet the links are long gone.
  10. Leave earlier, drive slower. If your going to spend the money just go ahead and get the 410s
  11. im just now finding this forum website and if at all possible i would love to be able to watch your vids. but i cant due to the fact your post is 12 years old, and the fixed links are still 7 years old. ive been considering and very interested in getting some 410 gears.
  12. Try the SN95 Forums their stickies work.
  13. Just get the gears and don't look back. Don't fear the gear. :)
  14. Well, unfortunately, "torque" isn't an option for the 2V crowd without a power adder, so you might as well do gears.