4:10 gears a bit tall?

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  1. why, oh why. when i tell people im going to move up from 3:55's to 4:10's they tell me its a bit to tall, when a lot of guys run 4:10's here successfully on the street and strip!

    o well.. i'll be makin an appointment evenually at Steeda for them to swap out my gears and throw a set of Upper and Lower steeda control arms on.:nice:
  2. Actually, 4.10's are short, not tall. My guess is that they really don't know what they're talking about, but want to feel helpful and be able to talk to you about them.

    4.10 gears are effective at the strip, but you have to have an auto or be able to shift very fastly (or be running the 1/8th). If you can't shift efficiently already, making your self have to shift an extra time at the track won't help you. But as long as you can shift, they'll definitely help, especially launching.
  3. I'm running 4:30's and at times wished I would of gotten 4:56's except when I pull into the gas station ha ha. Really the 4:30's hasn't effected my mpg that much. I don't do a lot of interstate driving, I live and work in the country, so it gets a steady diet of country roads and small town streets. Gears turn it from being a mustang to being a beast, a neck snapping, tire shreading beast. As they say, "don't fear the gear"!!!!
  4. The 4.10s in my auto are great! Whether mated to the OEM 27.2" or Nitto 28.3" tall rear tire:rock: Both tires net me the same MPG of 23.8 best to date on long open highway cruises sticking to or 5+ the posted speed limit. At the track, running the same exact mods, tune parameters and same track, the 27.2" tire got me a [email protected]+ last fall and the wider/heavier 28.3" tire got me a [email protected]+ just two weeks ago. Both tires allow me to cross the line in the 5000-5500 RPM range in 4th gear at the line, so I still had plenty of RPM left. Even heavily daily driven cars can easily handle the 4.10s as my car has passed 46K miles in well under two years:nice:
  5. I'm going with 3:73s on my Whippled Stang. I think it's the best for a blown Stang. I have traction issues as it is.
  6. Hmmm, I run stock 3.55 gears and ran a best time of 12.9 @105mph on street tires. I just don't see the need for more gear, my car is stock other than a tune, CAI and headers and it has all the low end torque I could want. The fuel mileage could be better though. I get about 17.5-18.5 normally, but I never really get on the highway enough to check the mileage at freeway speeds.
  7. i just put 4.10's in my turbo stang, it may be a little short for a turbo. . but i will wait til i hit the track again before i decide.
  8. I went for 3.90 gears on a 5-speed. Loved the accel on the street but they were noisey.
  9. u guys w/ 4:10's and 5speeds what are u launching at the track and shifting at?
  10. Running 4:10's with the KB and with the tall tires, performs perfectly.

  11. Getting 3.73's put in as we speak, can't wait!
  12. Yep got 4.10's in my 5spd and wish I would've went higher.
  13. Well I am still in the break in but the 3.73's are nice, just enough extra jump to feel good but not so much I feel like it looses driving manners.

    Hopefully the track opens soon. :)
  14. tells us how they are when you get them broken in. i want to know how they are in an auto. i cant make up my mind between 3.73's and 4'10's
  15. Anybody who tells you 4.10 is too much gear has probably never driven a 4.6. Suits these motors just right.
  16. I just had 4:10's installed last week and I wish I would have done it a long time ago. Mine is a 5 speed, daily driver with 60K miles on it and a Roush Supercharger. As mentioned above, it really wakes the car up. It also takes me out of the "DRONE ZONE" on my exhaust setup when I am cruising on the freeway.
  17. NEVER FEAR THE GEAR!!!! 4.10's here... noisey as hell but wow.
  18. 4.10's in my '07 GT automatic (had 4.30's in my '03 Mach 1). Absolutely love the 4.10's, and the big stall converter is equally impressive in the automatic GT's (mine flashes to 4,300 rpm's and launches as hard - or harder - than a stick shift car).

    Just ordered a supercharger last week for my car. With no need for the low end grunt of a roots or twin screw (since my stall converter flashes so high), I opted for a centrifugal blower to take advantage of the higher rpm's I run at WOT (Vortech V-2 SQ S-trim 8.5 psi).

    Had I done a roots or twin screw blower as my first mod, I would have kept the 3.31 gears, or maybe 3.55's at the most as those style of blowers make plenty of low speed torque making steep gears redundant.

    For a naturally aspirated GT, though, 4.10's are perfect. I've rarely ever heard someone install 4.10's and wonder if 3.73's would have better, but I've heard plenty of people install 3.73's, only to wonder if 4.10's would have been better. Get 4.10's and you will not regret it for any reason.
  19. I put in 4.10's a few months back. No complaints.No noise.Gas mileage is about 22-24 in traffic and highway.Gets anywhere from 300-318 per tank.

    Havent been back to the track though
  20. I have a shorter tire BF Goodrich KDW 245/45/17. I think they are 25.7" diameter. How would 4.10s with a shorter tire affect the car?