4:10 gears a bit tall?

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by xtweakerx, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. It'd be more like 4.30's.
  2. 3:73 gears are the best overall gear, in my opinion.

    Over the years of owning mach 1', cobra's, and this gt.... 3:73 seems to be the best for some get up and go, and as well as top end pull.
  3. Wow! I have the 4.10 gears but just waiting to get them installed. Will they be like 4.30 in terms of MPG also? I know, I know we didn't buy our cars for the gas mileage.
  4. I have 4.10's in my 2005 GT Automatic and I run at 80 mph just under 3000 rpm.
    For a N/A S197 4.10's are perfect
  5. 4.10's are highway gears
  6. Depending on your driving style it may only knock you down 1 MPG or so. Your RPM won't be affected that much as from the OEM 27" to the 28" rear tire mine dropped less than 200 RPM. Yours may increase about the same.
  7. I may need to adjust the tire size on my tuner, but with the stock 3.55 my RPMs are still the same; at 80 I am just over 2400 RPMS.