4.10 gears with a supercharger ?

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  1. Well Guys - The 4.10's are going in this week. Thanks for all your information and right now I am very excited, and hopefully I'm going to be totally satisfied. I'm o.k. with the lack of traction as I'm pretty much just doing this for the Wow Factor and can't wait to burn 'em in the first four gears !!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't go to the drag strip and don't really care too much about gas mileage I just care about getting to 100 mph as fast as I can and blowing away would be unsuspecting tuner cars or the occassional Corvette.

    I'll post when I get a few miles on them and let you all know my experience.

    Thanks a ton!

    FASTBLUEROUSH (Even faster now)
  2. Here's the other post I read on another Forum from a guy that went through the Roush Plant in Livonia, Mi. It put me over the top once the roush engineer made these recommendations.

    Here the Quote - "when i got my car i happened to then head up to MI for a family thing, i got a personal tour of where they build the roush cars, dodge viper acr's, crate engines etc. I asked the engine guys there and the super charger installer guy, what should i do to wake up the car. Answer in the following order, gears, headers, pulley. Pulley will void the warranty, the other 2 won't. So, i have done just that, gears, headers etc. They said BBK headers, seem to be the best bang for the buck and JBA at the top end, you pick."

    This was before Roush made the Performance Pulley available. I put it on with my original install so the only thing I have left to do is add the headers.
  3. What about balancing all that power out with suspension goodies to address traction issues? LCAs and UCAs may be a good start. Nothing increases the fun factor like getting planted or locking into the slot when one lays the power down.
  4. The upper control arm is going in with the gear swap. It is the Roush Anti-Wheel Hop Kit for $290.00. That should help keep them planted. The Roush suspension engineer didn't think I'd gain much from adding the lower trailing arms and said I should start with the UCA and see how it goes.
  5. The best quality headers are American Racing Headers. JBA is middle of the road now and BBK is low end and fitment issues are why. Sometimes they fit perfect, other times they don't.
  6. 4.10's are In - EVERYBODY SHOULD DO THIS !!!!!!!1

    They are awesome. Ton's of Fun. Not too much.

    I feel like I should take off my skirt now after being concerned they 4.10's might be too much. I thought it would be too crazy and maybe too much to handle. Well, that's not the case. I still have 1st gear when taking it easy and when getting on it, it just rockets off the line and then it's time to bang 2nd. It's a blast.

    Also, the RPM's are really only up just slightly, something like 300-400 rpm's more than with 3.55's NO BIG DEAL. Yeah it's a little weird on the highway running a little higher, but the power is there on-demand, and I can still drop down to 4th and pull hard for passing.

    I WOULD recommend for anyone thinking about doing it - JUST DO IT.

    Along with the 4.10's I also installed the new Roush suspension, Anti-Wheel Hop Kit (UCA), new Roush Off-Road Mufflers. The suspension is totally awesome and the card rides even smoother than with the stock GT suspension and it feels more solid and ROAD NOISE seems to be reduced quite substantially.

    I did the Ford Racing 4.10's and so far no whine and no squeaking with the Roush UCA's.

    It's an awesome set-up for a guy who just wants to have a fun handful to drive on the streets. Not sure about Drag Racing at a track, but that's not my gig.

    Just wanted to let everyone know -- It's true - DON'T FEAR THE GEAR.
  7. I figured you would like them.
  8. Have you had the SC installed? If so what are your thoughts now?