Mach 1 4.10 Gears

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  1. Looking at getting some 4.10 gears for my 04 Mach. Talked to about 5 different local shops and got 5 different answers. The last guy I talked to(only one who mentioned this) said that the car would surge(speed) and that the speedometer would be way off. Is this true? Another demanded I needed new pinion bearings, etc. Yet another said I could reuse the bearings I had. Installation prices ran from 250 to 500 dollars over the five different places. Can someone please help verify what it takes to put in 4.10 gears, parts, etc.? Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Jeff
  2. If you run 4.10 gears you will have to use a speed cal to correct your speedometer, and you will probably have good results with those gears. My dad has an 03 mach 1 and he put 4.30 gears in it and has had absolutely no problems.
  3. 795 is correct. All you need with the 4.10 install and a speed cal to correct the speedometer and odometer. Expect to pay b/t $400-$600 for a quality installation.

    I can't begin to imagine the pull with 4.10 in a Mach1, you better factor TRACTION into the cost. The stocker tires and suspension may be able to plant the rears at launch, but I doubt it, especially at the red light. A SEVEN-second burnout is required to plant my Nitto's with 4.10 on a 260HP 2000GT, automatic, but once they hook-up, the fun begins.
  4. Same here - just had 4.30's put in my Mach & they are AWESOME!

    I had a ton of other stuff done to the rear-end at the same time as the gear swap - Eaton 31-spline differential/31-spline Superior axles/TA Girdle/Axle tubes welded/SpeedCal installed - and I only paid $200.00 labor for everything.

    Whether you can re-use the pinion bearing or not will depend on the condition of the one in your car.
    A new one is only ~ $20.00, and you're better-off replacing it during the swap if it's condition is suspect.
    The same is also true for the axle bearings/axle seals/etc.

    Parts you will definately need are:

    Pinion nut
    Crush Collar
    Friction Modifier
    80/90 weight gear oil
    Cover Gasket
    Pinion Bearing (Most likely)

    IMHO, if you pay over $200.00 - $250.00 for a gear swap (you supply the parts), you're paying too much... :nonono:
  5. Thanks for all your help. I am going to have the gears put in next weekend. I was quoted $250 if I supplied the parts. I will see what happens. :D
  6. Check with your dealer for installation costs. Have them install Ford Racing parts and your warranty will not be effected... Even if they charge a little more than $250, keeping the warranty is worth it, IMHO.