4.10 GEARS

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  1. hey, i was just wondering whats the best quality gear you can get for your $$$ also the best midrange for someonme with a budget, i got a friend that can install them, and also some other cheap mods if any one has any .2 cents id appreciate it :) , i was thinking for first couple mods 4.10 gears, predator chip, and prolly exhaust and what do yall reccomend as far as CAI useless ? or no or sohuld i get a k&n, i know about TB and tb spacers those are some other cheap mods
  2. I would use FRPP or Motive Gears. I have the Motive Gears. I would also get the Diablo Predator tuner and not just a chip. Just get a K&N and save your money for a upper intake and 70mm throttle body. You will get better HP results with This set up rather than a CAI.
  3. thnx dude, more replys are appreciated, what have you ran with or beat with your setup, i know you got be atleast hittin mid 13's or lower have you ran it at the track ?
  4. FRPP=Ford Racing Performance Parts
  5. Tracks closed till January :( But hopefully I will be able to get some Drag radials on rims just for the track :D I know I am going to have a traction problem with the Kuhmos :nonono:
  6. richmond makes a nice gear too :nice:
  7. As long as you do not get the Race only gears. I have know several people with those and they **** and **** about them. They are softer than normal gears and they make more noise and dont last as long.
  8. Yeah, everyone has gears, but nobody says what brand :D I'd like to know too

    Is FRPP stuff good compared to others at that price?
  9. yeah white stang id liek to know your #'s with normal tires if you wouldnt mind i wanna do similar setup :) , ive also heard about the richmond gear "whine" too :notnice: , i think im gonna go FFRP or motive :D , my friend had just 4.10's and chip and he was running mid 13's
  10. also you people that have the 4.10 gears whats ur gas mileage liek and can you start out barely in first then go to second to skip the first gear ? or can you just start out in second ??? i have no clue about 4.10 gears
  11. if your doing your own installation,or having a friend install them,the FRPP gears are the only way to go.ford machine's their pinions to the same dimension,and the shim is used for the differences in housing dimensions.99% of the time you reuse the same pinion shim and it comes out perfect,no need for trail and error or use of special depth setting tools
  12. My mileage didnt change when I keep my foot out of it.

    Gas engines are the most efficient at their torque peak so the closer you get it to running in that peak the most mileage you will get provided whatever induction system you have is working properly.

    I just run normally first thru fifth.
  13. hey billy whats your 1/4 eta w/o slicks/nitrous ?
  14. With a 4000 foot DA and a 2.0 60' it was a 14.2. The run sucked period. Every time I went WOT in first it spun and it was hazing the tires in second. Thats mostly to do with the hard as tires I have. It corrected to a 13.7 or something like that. My first run with slicks, no nitrous and a chicken **** launch was a 2.0 60' and a 13.5x. The 330' was almost a half second faster.
  15. I have Motive 4.10's that I got from Mustangtuning.com for like $118 with our Stangnet discount. I have the Predator and ran a 13.65 with a 2.09 '60.:D
  16. You can start in second with ease.
  17. Install Price

    Just out of curiosity- what's a normal cost to install 4.10's if you have it done? Im getting 4.10's in my Roush for a Christmas present- but the guys I normally have do all my work is saying it will $600 for labor. That seems high? I know rates are different in various regions of the country- but I any idea would be good.
  18. FRPP would be the best choice because
    they make those gears as specialy for
  19. Gettin mine put in for 200 bucks from a local shop here. Im getting FRPP 3.73s. Cant wait, only like 1 more week till they go in...
  20. 600 is REAL high..

    i dont remember exactly what mine cost me, but i think it was 200-300, and that is in Canadian dollars.