4.10 gearsw/ n-91 cam and tremec 3550

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by SuprSTANG50, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. Everything i have on my car is in my sig. My car traps 117 in hot weather, with 3.55 gears i thinking of going to 4.10 gears and the AFM n-91 cam. And i have a victor 5.0 intake also. I have the normal tremec 3550 would i have to shift into over drive if i put 4.10. I plan on shift between 6500-6800
  2. You'll be fine. You can go about 130 at 7000 rpm with 4.10s and a 26" tire.

    Nice setup btw. The N-91 and Vic 5.0 should show some nice gains for you.
  3. I know Bill "Perky" runs a Tremec 3550, 26" tire, 4:56 gear, Victor 5.0, N-91 cam shifts at 7000+ and traps 7300+..lol car traps 120mph and rock and rolls!
  4. If you want the N-91 plan on a 4.56 gear.. I trap 119-120 MPH at 6900-7000 RPM.... The 91 needs the R's and the .56's is what you'll need....

    Some guys with the 91 on 306CI trap 7200-7400 trap 122-124 MPH with 4.56's and you keep it in 4th...
  5. My car is a daily driver and i didn't really want to go with that low of gears. So the cam wouldn't do good with 4.10's.
  6. im building a similar setup, i will be running a 27" tall tire at the track with 4.56's and a TKO which has the same 1.00 fourth gear. I put it on a mph/rpm chart and I'll be redlining 4th right about where I want but I have a question for you gusy with similar combos. I've heard that with the steep 3.27 first gear of the tremecs you have to start out in second gear, especially when you use such a low rear gear, is this true? i know it depends on how the suspension is setup and how the tires hook but do most people that race with tremecs start out in 2nd from what i hear? thanks.
  7. You might start in second gear when your just cruising around the street but at the track you'll launch in first. You want all that gear to get you out of the hole.
  8. yeah.... Only time I start anything at the track in 2nd is the burnout.......

    You have to lanuch in first and be ready to yank.. I know I run a 26" tire and I don't shift until about 60ft.. So with the 27" tire you will be fine..