4.10 or 3.73???

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  1. Having a problem making a decision on a 4.10 or a 3.73. The 07 Gt will be naturally aspirated for at least another year maybe two. Anyone have quarter mile times with the 3.73 and the 4.10 N.A ? I know the 4.10 is great for natural and the auto but thinking long term for the 3.73. Thanks
  2. I would say you need to nail down your long term plans for the car first. Sounds like you may be thinking about going blower/turbo in the future, then is going to be a daily driver, weekend cruiser, or track car??
  3. I love my 4.10's and wouldn't go any other way. Considered 3.73's but am more than happy with 4.10's.
  4. Like others have said, what are your plans? If it's going to be a car for the street and if you see forced induction in your future, leave in the 3.31s. I put in 3.73s about 3 years ago and never felt the car needed a lower gear. Felt perfect to me. Those gears are plenty to exceed the traction of the stock all season tires while taking off in 1st gear. I have since added the Edelbrock street kit and my stock all seasons don't stand a chance in first and most of second. Entering the freeway in second was about perfect with the 3.31s rpm wise. Hop on merge and drop right into 5th. With the 3.73s it's topped out. I have to pay attention or I am on the rev limiter. Better to take 3rd at about 55 and enter with lots of revs to go. My next upgrade will be better tires. Not surprised at all but I would like to use up the stockers first. ;)
  5. Is yours an auto or manual? With a manual I would go with the 4.10's. With an automatic I think the 3.73's are the best gear option. I used to run the 3.73's and they were a great gear for the street and worked well at the track N/A. When I added my turbo setup I went to 3.27 gears to load the turbos better. I liked the 3.73's better for normal driving as they just get this heavy car moving a little better then the 3.27's.

  6. 4.10s for sure. 'Don't fear the gear'! 3Vs respond very well to aggressive gearing.

    The 4.10s will also work great with a centifugal style blower if you go that route in the future (ProCharger, Vortech, Paxton). :D
  7. The one thing that always turned me off about 4.10's was the limited top speed, especially out on a road course...even after adjusting the rev limiter. OP, does your car ever plan on seeing any road course duty?

    Actually, while we're at it, what is the ultimate plan for your ride? :)
  8. Sorry haven't got back...had back surgery. The car is an automatic and it will be driven to the track etc. No road course stuff for me.....only drag racing. I cant see it hitting the rev limiter naturally aspirated. I m probably going to keep it naturally aspirated. So, with this info can you give insight? I really cant see the car hitting the rev limiter.............???
  9. If you're changing gears once, 4.10 hands down. Done!
  10. Yes that's what I thought....not sure where these guys come up with hitting the rev limiter!?!?
  11. I was apprehensive about putting in my 4-10's - now I wonder why I even worried about it - 4-10's hands down!! - you'll feel it in the 'seat' of your pants!
  12. Don't waste your money on 3.73's. 4.10 are a must, you will not be disappointed.