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  1. I know this question has been asked about a trillion times and i appologize but, could anyone reccomend a good set of 4:10 gears for my 95 auto GT. About how much will this throw off my spedometer. Is this mod even worth it or should i just save the money and buy some lowering springs for my car. Check out my profile for the link to my page. Thanks for everyones help in advance...

  2. Also, will this hurt my car at all particulary the rear end. Im going on 123,000 miles. Thanks again.
    They are the best all around gear set.
    If you have 123000 miles I would repalce all of the bearings and seals while your in there.
    If you have extra money get a new posi unit(eaton or auburn). Some thing made for street driving.

  4. Agreed with Jerry, get the FMS gears. Go to www.buyfordmotorsport.com for the cheapest price. Getting the kit will ensure new shims and such, but having them replace the posi unit would be ideal, if you are planning on any hard launches in the future. Depending on your current ratio, your speedo could be off by alot or a hell of a lot. I haven't done the math in awhile, but 4.10s are serious, and will mess up the speedo. This is one of your most worthwhile mods. Screw the springs. Just know that install will be about twice the price of the gears.

  5. anyone else?? please?
  6. Just to give you an idea I have 4.30 gears in my car with the proper 3.73 tooth gear for the speedo. Mine is off by about 12 MPH to the good
    In other words if I am going 50 MPH I am actually rolling at 38-40 MPH. I run mine everyday its a 5 speed car. Use the Motorsport gears they are the best ones usually no whine when you do the install I am using 31 spline axles with the FRPP trac loc. its the best way to go.
  7. Drew

    I also say get the Ford gears.

    I don't know anything about autos as I prefer a manual trans but in a T5 you can change the drive gear which will let you use a smaller driven gear to put your speedo
    on the money.

    Could someone who is more familiar with autos chime in and help with this question?

  8. I just installed 4.10s in mine. I had 2.73s stock. My speedo was WAY off and was rackin up miles on the odometer like it was going out of style. With 4.10s, dont even bother with swapping speedo gears. You wont get it close enough. I'm not sure if the Speed Cal will work with our cars but I got an Abbot box installed which is very similar. Now my speedo is accurate to the 1 mph.

    Definetly either get Ford Motorsport gears or I think Richmond gears are pretty good. Definetly spend the extra money on rebuilding the rear end with new bearings and seals while it is open. Dont skimp on that.

    You may also want to get a chip burnt or something that works similarly after it is all said and done to change the shift points and advance the rev limiter. you will hit the rev limiter with 4.10s and it may shift a little quicker.

    Good luck.
  9. Please tell me more about this "Abbot box".
  10. I dont know a whole lot about it. I know its extremely similar to the SpeedCal but an older version. I believe that the SpeedCal is a better unit but not as compatible with pre '96 cars. I'm not sure where you can get them. This perf. shop just happened to have one. It cost me $250 including $80 labor from this shop. It works perfectly thats all i know or care about.
  11. The Speedcal is indeed compatible with our cars. It's what I use to correct my speedo. I had the shop put it in with the gears.
  12. the speedcal will work on your car. i use it myself. they garuntee(sp) it to be within .2% of actual speed. so if you were going 100mph your speedo would be in the range of 99.8 to 100.2. thats pretty damn good. the speedcal cost about $100 and i'm sure you can find someone doing free shipping.
  13. The speedcal is a nice unit, I have one myself and installed it myself. It took me and my buddy a little under an hour to do and it worked fine. Pretty straight forward install too, and it works with autos.
  14. Didnt say it didnt work. But it doesnt work as smoothly as the Abbot box does. Thats all. Both do the same thing the same exact way. Ya can't go wrong either way. You can get a copy of the SpeedCal from Brothersperformance.com for cheaper than at Dallas Mustang too. Its only like $85 at Brothers.
  15. Does the brother's device work with AODE's?
  16. Its the same unit as the SpeedCal but I recommend calling Brother's first.

  17. Guys,

    If you have the AOD, the Jeep 23 tooth gear works pretty good. Allot tougher then the aftermarket ones and my speedo isnt off that much...

    Jeep Part #j3167393