4.10's in an Auto Video?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by joshheat25, May 2, 2005.

  1. I would really like to see a vid of 4.10's in and auto!
  2. Wouldn't it look just like a video of 3.73s in an auto, or any other gear for that matter? I guess I don't get what you are asking...

    There is a great burnout video that was posted lately if that is what you are looking for. A quick search should turn it up...

    Or are you looking for a step by step gear installation video???
  3. Ohh my fault I would like to see a daily driving video of 4.10's in an auto just like the sticky at the top of the page! thanx
  4. If the weather is decent I'll make a vid. They are perfect for the auto street stang. Dont get 3.73s unless a power adder is right around the corner.
  5. Allright thanx 007 I would have my mind made up if someone made a vid just like the sticky except auto and also doing full throttle not "partial throttle" LOL!
  6. Anyone hav any vids?
  7. Sorry chief. Busy day at work, and then I accidentally started drinking beer. I will do it though, but to be honest I cant even remember the last time I used the video camera and made an MPEG or whatever. Might just do it with the crappy video function on my still camera. The frame rate will be low, butll itll show you what you need. You can calculate the revs at any rpm too.
  8. Don't have a video but, here's some still's of a 2003 GT auto with 4.10's.



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  9. Thanx for the pics. But yea I also would like to know a good site for calculating the rpms for each gear in an auto! thanx
  10. I am pretty sure that a gear calculator has come up many times. Have you tried searching this site or using google? I know there is a good gear calculator site out there...
  11. No but I will now! thanx!
  12. I assume that he was on full throttle in that vid! Good Video! But does anyone have some video of an auto!
  13. Here is a video of mine before Diablo and K&N Filter. Full throttle btw. (soooo slow.)

    Quicktime. Right Click, Save Ass.

    http://www.jdrake19.com/GT 10-80mph.MOV

    *edit* it shifts at 6,100RPM now and the Diablo took over .2 seconds off my 1,000' :nice:
  14. YEA THATS WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT Nice video It is nice! Chirps 2nd pretty good! I was wondering if your tranny overheats going down the highway! at like 70mph and I made a chart on Microsoft excel on gears and was wondering how to put them on here
  15. It will scratch 2nd ALMOST every time, sometimes really hard. My wife drives the car 600+ miles a week to school and have never had a problem. It does however have a tranny cooler :nice:

  16. Did you install the Tranny Cooler yourself? and What brand did you get!
  17. Its a B&M and was on the car when I bought it. Sorry, i dont know how much it was or how much install was. I hear they arent that expensive and arent hard to install though. I think you'll be ok with 4.10's and no cooler unless you run it 20+++ times at the track in a row, or do any kind of longevity races. But i could be wrong ;)

  18. yea well I am concerned about running it for 30 minutes at like 2,600 rpm's! heat is the main killer of transmissions so I might be safe and get the cooler!
  19. Cooler would definately keep your mind and tranny at ease! Whats that saying? An ounce of prevention is worth a broken transmission??? something like that.