4.10's in an Auto Video?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by joshheat25, May 2, 2005.

  1. 14.02 was with just catback and x-pipe only. I will know what everything else gave me Saturday when I go to Norwalk.

    I have a PI converter.
  2. My car must be a turd...All this crap and it only runs a 13.9? I want to blow it up now.

  3. yea that sucks!
  4. anyone have 4.10's in a video??

  5. I swear I'll do it. Maybe after the headers and plenum are on in the next few weeks!
  6. Allright thanx man I can't wait to see some Vids!
  7. Anyone else have a video with 4.10's in it??
  8. Yes, I'd like to see more videos. I plan on getting them installed asap :)
  9. Any Other Videos?????
  10. I have a question for all of the guys with 4.10's in an auto?? Where do you buy all of the other essentials you need along with the gears and also what type of gear oil do you need! What is the best type of gear oil? More Videos??
  11. You need some friction modifier, and oil (I used same as stock). Other than that you just need a chip/tuner to fix your shifts and speedo. No big deal. A chip/tuner can do wonders for shifting and add a little power too, so its a great combo for the auto.
  12. Thanx .... vids
  13. Jake: Can you write down ECT and TFT parameters while holding it steady at

    1) 65 mph @ 2400 RPM
    2) 80 mph @ 3000 RPM

    Hold the speed for a good 2-3 minutes then write down the ECT and TFT. I'm curious to see how well the tranny cooler hold the temps down. I kept it steady at 3000 RPM with the stock gears (OD locked out) and the TFT shot up to 200 degrees. That's one thing that is keeping me from getting 4.10s.

  14. Propeller head when you say the temp shot up how quickly because I did this also and didn't see a change???
  15. Really? Do you have a cooler already? I don't.

    In 4th/OD going 80/2400, the TFT was steady at 185. ECT was at 196, if I remember right. When I locked out OD and dropped my speed to 70/3000, in about two minutes the TFT climbed to 200. It scared me when it went past the ECT so I quit my test.
  16. I am going to have to try that again! but why 3,000 rpms?? With 4.10's the rpms are 2,600 at 70 mph.
  17. The freeways here usually go 80-85 mph. I can't imagine staying in the granny lane doing 65-70 because I'm hitting high RPMs already.
  18. Yea I tried the experiment today and I had OD off and was in 3rd going 60mph at about 2,600 rpms and realized that is too much rpms to cruise at I mean the engine isn't loud it just seems bad for the engine! But I was looking at my gauges and I didn't see the Water Temp rising in the upper left of my gauges??? so I dunno!