4.10's vs 3.73's

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  1. Glad I could help skullmaster.
    I chose 3.73's simply because I plan to supercharge.

    Many also told me outside the forums that 4.10's would be too much gear as well.

    I'm not disappointed.
  2. I think your transmission is a Tremec 3650 as well. I know the 3650 was used in the Bullitt, so I assume it was used in the GT as well. The stock tires on mine are the same as yours so the rpm numbers would be the same.
  3. Double Wow...
    I bet you sat up front in class didn't you? Hey, you want to do my taxes? Lol
    I'm just kidding. That was a lot of useful info. there. :nice:
  4. Getting gears shouldn't be based on just performance.

    In response to the comment about 3,000 rpm at 90mph with 4:10's...you might want to check the tach. It is higher than that (rpm wise).
  5. I live in Texas. I had the .373's and blew them out at Fun Ford Weekend (FRPP) I have since replaced them with the .410 (FRPP) and LOVE THEM!!!!! I really noticed a Torque difference with the .410's and they pull hard as S**T coming out of 1st. And yes you do have to shift pretty quick, especially coming out of the hole. The .410's keep the 4.6L right in the power band for drag racing. You have to shift at about 5200 - 5300 rpms to keep it in te power band but you can definitely feel the .410's when you shift. A lot more than the .373's that I had. Hell, I had to buy new tires just to keep from smoking the Nitto Extremes that I had. I now have Nitto DR's.
    As for the Highway driving. Yeah the Rpm's are a little higher, but it is not really an issue. I think that I am at 3000 rpm's at 90 mph. I used to get about 300 miles to a tank but I now get about 265 miles to a tank, so i did notice a drop in gas mileage. But if you dont care about mileage, then definately go with the .410's
  6. But, how much of that drop in milage is due to you more frequently flooriing it and enjoying your new surge in torque to the back tires?
  7. Good info. Even those this thread is 1 out of 436565624567108764350134503560148650560145610436510394561034516439564956105643513485734985349587439857134957435843953496543956934593925932459435428047560608365086504650461098650196509456097560457643056314095604395634591263405963405962314

  8. No, it's 3000 rpm at 90 mph on both the stock tach and on Predator datalogging. Odometer readings match milepost markers very closely, so the speedometer adjustment done by the Predator is also correct.
  9. Sorry man, but 90mph in 5th is around 3200 rpm. It shows that on my datalogs. If you are at 3000 with close to stock size tires you have 3.90 gears.
  10. grrrr this gear thing man i am telling ya... its getting me :mad: already.. i just gonna keep on search i guess.. and as i see that 4.10s r a little too wild for my car... and 3.73 seens to be too close to stock.. i guess i will be going for 3.90s! rpm sounds okie for me well tops i would go for... and the only mods i have in my list are not much as hp... but more to makeing the car a little better as pulleys... alu. drive shaft next thing will be fly wheel... my clutch its getting there.... (dunno yet witch one to get... as all the cars i had b4 all gm used most the time centerforce any good price vs. quality? better than stock ...now i should have no problem as far as rebalancing the engine on changing for a lighter fly wheel ... :shrug:

    01 gt 5spd :cheers:
  11. The people saying 4.10's are too wild, are usually the ones that don't have them. There was a guy on here a while back that got 4.10's and his wife didn't like them because she had to shift to often, so he switch back to 3.73's and regretted it. You might find 1 person in a 100 that doesn't like the 4.10's after they get them. You have to remember that alot of the impression that 4.10's are too much comes from back in the days when you could get them as a factory option on cars with no overdrive transmission.:nice:
  12. Sorry, but they were a new in-the-box FRPP ring & pinion set (FRPP 8.8" gear sets do not come in 3.90), the drive shaft revolutions per complete turn of the rear wheel are correct, and I was present during the installation. I will, however, look closely at the tach again today if I can get up to 90 mph and report back here my error if it is indeed 3200 rpm. An extra 200 rpm would actually be a good thing to me, because I've occasionally thought "should I have gone with 4.30s?".
  13. Yeah, you frequently read about people that get one gear (say 3.90s) then after a couple weeks the say they wish they had gotten a more aggressive gear (say 4.10s).

    I can't recall reading about anyone who after driving with the gears for a while wishes that they had gone with a more conservative gear... :nice:
  14. Also, you've got an 03 Mach. You might have a different 5th gear ratio than the Tremac 3650... I dunno... but I bet someone does...
  15. It's a Tremec 3650 (maybe that's unfortunate)with a 5th gear ratio of 0.62. There is also a fifth gear ratio of 0.68 used in some models, possibly the GT? That would explain the difference.
  16. You guys need to read more: Many think the gears are to harsh, especially those that go on the highway frequently.

    It is more than 3,000 rpm at 90mph. That is a marketing ploy to sway people to get 4:10's.

    Just remember getting these high gears isn't all about sotp feel and drag racing. Think longterm here - mileage, more engine rpm's and revs, clutch/tranny components.

    To many times there is the "sotp" feel info and not what is actually does mechanically.:nonono:
  17. I do highway driving all of the time, most times at speeds well below 90 mph. 4.10s work for me, and for lowering the engine revs, that's when fifth gear is used.
  18. You still push half the rpm's capabilities at cruise in 5th when your at 90mph. That is just at cruise:( I personally don't like doing that to my internals/piston rings for long periods of time...the steeper the gear the more internally abused.
  19. the internals will be fine. you lose longevity, but if that's your goal, then buy a toyoya. numerical advantage is more than sotp. just try 0-100 with 2.73 against 4.56. me, i have used 3.73's with no overdrive and the 302 lasted for many years. drag racing twice a week, trips across the country. my next gear is 4.56. for what it is worth.
  20. i'm with u guys ""5spd gt""and ""give me tp"" the main reason, its rpm and mpg not really how long my engine will last.. i know it will last atleast 100kand + easy and getting spanked everyday.. but hey i already have a weekend warrior and i dont need a bad gasser for a every day drive car... not with the miles that i do every day... some gears pulleys and drive shaft i should be fine ...i just dont want to drop more than 4/6 miles per gallon...that :notnice: lol and i am almost placing my order for 3.90s gonna wait a little more and see how things so...working on my home made intake first!!! custon made gt scoop cold air... that will be sweet.. stock looking :D