4.2L 255 from 81 Mustang

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ³à³, May 3, 2004.

  1. Good luck with it man. I had a friend with this engine in a Fairmont. I never drove it so I have no idea how they feel, he did install an a set of stock 5.0 headers on it that I had lying around.
  2. Good to hear it turned over, now for how it feels driving it! Like I said it isn't like a 302 , BUT driving it on the highway was a whole other story!!!!! Let us know how it goes!!!! I would like to see what the 255 will do, now that some parts are available!
  3. I did that conversion my self a long time ago, it was a good learning experience. It was a sled, I popped the motor in 2 weeks, then went and bought a gt 5.0, the only saving grace was that it was geared really steep. good luck but I don't think it'll be what you think it will. Like I said it's good experience though. :nice:
  4. OK we worked late on getting the thing running. It runs and sounds crisp with the cam in it. Not sure of the exact specs but it sounds good.
    Went down the road in it and its ALOT different than the 2.3L. I know I know it isnt a beast or anything and will prolly lose to 5.0s and all but it sounds so awesome. I hate to have to install exhaust on it today :(
    It pulls evenly and will bark the tires in 2nd pretty easily. Id guess it will run in the 15s and with that I am happy :D
  5. watch the rearend and tranny when you do those burnouts and scratches
  6. Get the heads ported and polished by someone that knows what they are doing and get a good valve job. Get some roller rockers if you can also ;) this will help you pickup 15-45hp depending on the cam and intake. I highly recommend a set of long tube headers.

    Goodluck and hope it lasts you.
  7. What kind of exhaust did you go with? My hope is that you went with something you can grow into (2 1/4" or greater). I agree with the dastang2. Get the engine running well and take it easy until you can get enough money to get your drivetrain where you want it. BTW, don't worry about times too much. I take it you are still pretty young, so you'll be better off just learning how to drive the thing smooth and safe for now.
  8. Do you have any pictures? I would like to see what the engine looks like in there.
  9. It looks just like any other carb'd small block Ford in a Stang. Except it's appears smaller because of it's inferiority complex. ;)

    Nice job on moving forward with what you wanted to do --- enjoy your handiwork.

    sorry i couldnt resist..
  11. Congrats man glad you got it going.
  12. Put about 50miles on it today :)
    Looks like my 4cyl radiator is too small. It wants to run warm at stoplights. Im happy so far :D
  13. Congrats from here as well. Remember, whatever you do from now on, make sure you buy parts that will help you grow into a larger motor.
  14. No doubt the radiator will need to be upgraded, but running warm at low speed usually just means you're not moving enough air across the radiator - usually a fan/shroud issue.
  15. Yeah I understand. We just used the stock 4cyl setup with the small electric fan. Looks like we will go with dual 12 fan setup and swap to a V8 radiator
  16. 4cyl and 8cyl stangs had different radiators? maybe this is why i run hot...
  17. 4-bangers without A/C got 1-core radiators

    4-bangers w/ A/C and 5.0's got 2-cores

    The hard parts done. I would worry less about modding the motor and more about getting everything else up to snuff in terms of drivetrain, rear end, brakes and so on.

    Keep your eye open for a good deal on a 302 or 351. Get one, toss it on a stand and build it to the hilt. Then switch motors and you are all set to go.

    Can prob snag a good 302 HO out of a Mark 7 around here for 200-300. Hell, even town cars and thunderbirds have the same bottom end.
  18. Yep I have my first race today :D
    80ish V6 Camaro that I raced with the 2.3 wants to try me. Im sure I will waste him unlike last race where I got creamed. We race in an hour on the old airport strip.
    I still have no clue where to shift this thing at?
  19. if it's a 2.8 multi port, he'll stomp you. If it's carbed, you'll stomp him.
  20. Glad to hear you got it in and got it running good. Be easy on that 7.5 rear though.