Engine 4.6 --> 347

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  1. I've been running stock internals and 12lbs of boost for 1 year now with not one issue or hickup. 450hp is plenty of power on the road to have fun and turn heads....and still be reliable enough to be a daily driver
  2. Cobra heads do you no good unless you're going 4v.....which then you need different ecm and wiring. You need to stick with 2v parts
  3. my only disagreement to that is mpg's.....I'm getting 16mpg on my setup.....but I knew what I was getting into when I built the car.....
  4. For me, city driving is worse than stock. But highway mileage is as good as ever. With cams and 3.73s, I got almost 25 a couple of tanks ago on a mostly-highway trip.
  5. I totally agree with you. All of this pretty much applies to the Fox Mustangs also which I have been down that road a few times over the last 12 or so years of ownership with my 87 GT. Since my newest Mustang I have only owned for 2 months now still has low miles I will play with the 2V and have some fun. I just wanted to go down a different path when the time comes and do something different. I've done a lot of stuff with my 87 GT and personally I like working on the modular 2v over the pushrod 5.0L. I will be putting my Fox up for sale soon so I will be able to reinvest the money I make off of it to fund new things for my 2000.

    Though, if the time came right now that I needed a new engine I would head down the 3V route, just me, but everyone has their "thing" they want to do with their car, right? If not this we couldn't consider this a hobby.
  6. I've worked on both mod motors and 5.0s, and I've never understood why people have a conception that 4.6s are harder to work on. They really are simple and easy to work on. About the only things that I can think of that are difficult are long tube headers and that friggin starter. But other than that, I can completely disassemble the motor from my car with tools I can hold in 2 hands. :shrug:

    Also, 2-valves are starting to come around to the point where they're fairly affordable to go fast with. If you shop around, you can find forged rods/pistons for $1k-ish, and used superchargers are going for <$3k all day long. Put the two together and you've got a reliable 500 rwhp car that you can comfortably take your girlfriend on a 3 hour trip in, for a very reasonable total cost.

    I understand the 3-valve idea, but for the same money to swap in a 3-valve, you can build the bottom end of a 2-valve and put a good chunk towards forced induction.
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  7. Yea, I was one of those guys that never owned a 2v and "heard" they were harder to work on than their push rod powered brothers and sisters but after owning my first 2v and getting my hands dirty did I realize that I was having more fun. That's why I got another one. I really should have never sold my 96'.

    Right now I have changed out the factory exhaust and I have a cold air kit and I want to buy a hand held tuner and that all I plan on doing for now. Going to concentrate on appearance on this Mustang. My plan is a entry level centi blower, set of good cams, and gears should get me by until the mileage starts racking up. It's my DD too so I cant go to wild.

  8. I found a '03 marquis (48k) & '05 towncar (57K)hope this would a direct swap like you instructed. Let me know what are your thoughts on this swap will be picking up one of these 4.6

  9. Should be fine. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't work.