SOLD 4.6 Dss Racing Pistons

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by 1cleanvert, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. I have a set of BRAND NEW never been used 4.6 Ford DSS GSX Series Forged Piston (For use in 3.543" stroke x 5.933" rod) -4cc Flat Top with large valve reliefs for DOHC 4V applications, 1.210" comp hgt, Includes .866" full floating pin with double True Arc pin locks, 1.5-1.5-3.0 mm low drag ring groove, patented "X Groove" skirt design, Approximate Compression Ratio: (44cc Head = 11.84 to 1) (50cc Head = 10.74 to 1) (53cc Head = 10.27 to 1).
    This set sells for $600 on Part #4852X

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  2. Sorry I didn't put a price. I would like to get at least $300 for them. Thanks!
  3. Is that shipped?
  4. Sure, I'll pay for shipping
  5. Real don't need these no more! Somebody just make offer!
  6. payment sent! can't wait to see these in action
  7. Received, fast shipping, item is just as described, awesome seller. Thanks.
  8. Sweet! Appreciate you posting transaction feedback. :nice:
  9. Thanks buddy! Hope u get more use out of them tha I did! Lol guess I'm staying 2v all tha way!
  10. I'm 2v as well, but my 5.4 offers more ptv clearance so they'll do.
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Not open for further replies.