4.6? gt?

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  1. hi guys, im from the 5.0 fourms, but im thinking of getting an 03 04 stang and my question is are all gt 4.0 the 2 or 3 valve? only he mach 1 and cobras come with the 32valve right? is this a reliable car? and what are some good begging upgrades
  2. You dont wan't a v8.

    Mustangs with real power have v6s ;)

    Anyway, I'm thinking the 03-04s will have 2 valves. I know the new 'stangs have 3 valves.
  3. Why '03 or '04?

    For the same money you can get a decent '99 or even '01 Cobra. :shrug:
  4. really? as long as its the 4.6 32valve motor ill be happy oh and 5 or 6spd
  5. What forum is this again?
  6. You posted in the wrong forum man:p
  7. This post makes no sense...the title is talking about 4.6l gt's which are 2 valve.

    Then your sayin you want a 4.0l v6 which is 05+

    now your happy with 32 valve?
  8. Now that I read it over again, your right it is confusing:scratch:

  9. The GT 4.6L up to 2004 was a 2V. For 2005+ they are 3V

    yes they are reliable. I've had my GT 5 years and 52,000 miles and other than maintainence, i only had a $8 axle seal go on me. I never even brought it in for any warranty work. Solid car

  10. Newer car, less miles?? :shrug:

    When i was car shopping, it came down to a new GT or a used 96-98 Cobra. I ended up going for the newer car just for reliability.
  11. You also got to take in the fact that the Cobra might have been abused too maybe:shrug: I would of done the same and go with the newer GT for reliability:nice:
  12. Get an 03-04 Mach 1..Newer car, just like a 03-04 GT, except u get the 32v dohc...Best of both worlds....
  13. True too, How can I forget about the Mach 1's :bang:
  14. You're talking two different body styles. If reliability is a concern I'd say get a new edge GT over an SN Cobra. The value of the newer body style is enough to help seal that deal.
    I'm talking about if BOTH cars are new edge cars, I'd go for the older Cobra. I just don't like the idea of owning an '04 GT. Owning the last year of a bodystyle/chassis is a good way to ensure your car will depreciate like an apple.

    Finding an older Cobra with close to the same mileage as most newer GT's shouldn't be that difficult.

    Anybody looking at a 4.6 built before '02 better check to see if it has a newer intake with an aluminum coolant crossover. Nothing like a $800+ repair to kill the reliability image you have of your car.

    I disagree. IMO, a GT is just as likely, if not more likely, to be abused than a Cobra. Yea, Cobras are more performance oriented. But the prices also put them out of range for most younger guys. Find a one-owner Cobra, and it's probably some old guy selling it. Find a one-owner GT, and it could be anybody.
  15. Maybe when your talking about an 04 GT or V6, but not Cobra's or Mach's...Hell, most 04 Cobra's are still selling for higher prices than most 05 GT's....Mach 1's hold there value pretty well too...03-04 Cobra's are grossly overpriced though, but worth the $$$ if u wanna go crazy fast. U can easily mod one to have 500-700hp, but be able to drive daily with stock like driveability...
  16. :rolleyes:

    Of course I'm talking about GT's. I'm the one telling him to get an older Cobra over a new GT for value, so I think I get your point.
  17. I just said it's probably abused, didn't say for sure. You'd be surprised how many youngsters have their hands an a Cobra, spoiled kids:rolleyes:
  18. I wasn't even referring to the body style. Just in terms of model years, a '99 is ancient to me. Almost 10 years old. Granted an 03/04 is still 4-5 years old, that makes a big difference to me.

    Summit racing sells the complete manifold kit for $190 and it's easy as pie to swap on.
  19. I don't get you guys. You claim to be able to work on your own cars, but you're afraid of a Mustang that's a couple years older because of reliability issues.:shrug:

  20. I just don't like old cars. My 2003 is already too old for me. I want to sell it to pick up something newer. I just like new fresh low mileage vehicles :shrug:

    the '88 is an exception. it was my first car and i will always have it