4.6 In 91 Gt Excited

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  1. Was given 91 gt minus motor/trans so I'm starting from what I would
    Like lookin to swap a 4.6 into it I know the 96-98 4.6s are like finding a crappy car on Craigslist
    I would like a 3v but on a small budget for swap around 3k I would also like to do 5 speed or auto "c4"
    But still idk much about engine swaps please help
  2. Thr 96-98 cobra motors are actually decent pieces and make good power for what they are, and you can drop it right in till you want to up the power and rebuild the motor. Putting a newer 3v or 4v in the car is a little togher and even more money.

    What budget do you have, none of those swaps are that cheap. Id go 4r70r over a C4 anyday,.
  3. I love modular swaps. Whatever kind of car I do next, it's going to have a modular engine in it.
  4. Thanks guys I bypassed the need to motor swap I traded my 97 bagged chevy for an 89 gt with 347 stroker very happy
  5. How much would it be to do the swap 4.6 in 89 fox
  6. Money

    Seriously questions like these are best asked in a thread of your own.

    I would bet a skilled diy'er could pull it off for a few K $$..
  7. would swapping it be hard