4.6 newb....im from the fox 5.0 side of stangnet

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  1. Hey Im new to this section of stangnet. Im Shawn I have had a lot of mustangs. 66 coupe with efi t5 and ac. resto mod. several foxbodys 2 notch backs, 2 verts, 3 gt's.....anywhere from stock to stroked.

    This is my first 4.6 mustang. I have a lot to learn. So Ill be around here more.

    Heres how I ended up with this car.

    I bought an 87 coupe a couple years ago.....My coupe was cool. I originally bought it just for the drive train ...I was going to swap everything over to a rust free roller. After looking at it close I saw it wasnt bad enough to junk the body so I fixed a couple areas and took to the track and had fun with it.

    I enjoyed the car for almost 2 years and recently I got bored with it. I had such a low amount of money in the car I knew I could sell and make money ( bought the car from a friened for 3000 I had right at 3500 in it)....I found out real quick people seem to be broke and want to trade...I had planned to sell and buy another mustang anyhow.. and it seemed I could get a much nicer car by trading. So I entertained trade offers. Sunday afternoon along came the offer to trade for an 02 gt, the guy sent pics and I said I was interested... we met, drove the cars, he asked for 1000 cash and my car for his car.... I said I cant do it cause I dont have cash to spend right now.. He said he really wants my car but he felt he was losing to much money with even trade so he said I want to think about it.....wednesday at 630 am he text me and said he wants to trade straight up.. So we traded

    the 02Gt private party value on kbb.com is 5600-7000
    Retail value is 8500
    As of now I have 3500 in it. :banana:

    Heres my 87 coupe: it ran [email protected] in 1/4 had a lot of mods my friend had done. I re did the interior...

    View attachment 159357

    heres the 02: I named it Lemon Head.

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    View attachment 159361

    View attachment 159363

    View attachment 159365

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  2. I will get more pics this weekend those were pics he sent me... I need to clean it up its filthy.

    Love the mach 1000 audio! Black leather is nice! I have maximum motorsports full length SFC's to put on

    Looking forward to modding it, It has an X pipe and flows already and bbk tb and CAI.
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  3. I just realized i posted this in tech not talk...... NEWB! LOL
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  4. Nice trade. How many miles does it have? My guess 112684.
  5. 1159xx
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  6. I am thinking about painting the roof top a pillar and b pillar black with 20% tint I think it would break up the yellow.

    Kinda like my buddys car:

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  7. 216104 mi. b/with new Falcons on the rear.

    J/K :) Nice trade. Please tell us the car you received is clean and in good shape, runs great, and has no issues. You and everyone else on this forum knows you stole the car if it's got less than 100K on the odometer. What we don't want to hear is "It needs a lot of TLC - stalls all the time and rat's nest under the hood." That just brings us all down. Lie if you have to :)

    (Don't read that as "no love for the fox body." There is just a very real difference in value, is all. Would almost trade even up for my old '82 four-eye GT. Almost. )

    Looks very nice. I'm not sure I would bother trying to break up the yellow since the paint seems great. Black on top looks good, but I've not seen black & yellow. And hell, it's screaming yellow. A black roof ain't gonna to make it blend in. Might as well embrace it.
  8. It's mint. Needs nothing.
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  9. These 4.6 cars respond really well to 4.10's. I'd also recommend a nice set of LCA's to complement the springs FLSFC's and shocks/struts your planning on getting.

    With an o/r midpipe, some decent cams, and a dyno tune you'd have around 275-300 rwhp depending on the dyno.
  10. I couldnt decide which direction to go as i have always owned foxes but wanted the comforts and driveability of a newer stang...now i have the best of both worlds with an 02 motor in my 88 :) Looks like u made a clean trade tho, good luck!
  11. get 4.10's in it. right meow!
  12. Looks Zinc Yellow to me.

    Screaming Yellow, for reference:


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  13. I think the po was correct. Where would I locate the paint code
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  14. Only '04's were Screaming Yellow. Previous years were Zinc Yellow.
  15. Inside the drivers door there should be a decal
  16. Ok I'll look. And post up
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  17. i'm sorry, are you saying meow?
  18. do i look like a cat? am i jumping from tree to tree all nimbidy bimbily? AM I DRINKING MILK FROM A SAUCER?!?!
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  19. I drink milk right from the tit
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