4.6 newb....im from the fox 5.0 side of stangnet

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  1. Please turn in your gear head card. :nonono: I have this nice uhh... 'tuner' card for you. o_O
  2. I cant wait to get the kit.. It was worth the extra money to have it shipped next day... Im just gonna rattle can the parts with some safety yellow I bought at the dollar store for now.
  3. I already given up: my man card,my gear head card and my virginity (if sex with myself counts) whats next?
  4. You need suicide or gull wing doors to finish it off.
  5. I spent my last bit of money I got from the payday loan place to pay shipping... Can I borrow the kit you bought for your SHO and Ill return them later.
  6. I don't think they'll work. The sho makes too much power. You need at least 500whp. o_O

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  7. Darn.. I guess Ill just make some out of these steel 70's pepsi cans I found in my grannys basement...
  8. Poor granny. She was saving those to trade in for a pair of bed slippers. :(
  9. She don't need them anymore she had a heart attack fighting for these cans. Old bag had me whooped until her ticker stopped.

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  10. ding-dong-bad-witch-melted-political-poster-1288782153.jpg
  11. OK Back on track for a moment.

    I took lemon head back to sears and had the alignment corrected to center the steering wheel and fix anything that may have changed after replacing the bearing. It is all good now and drives straight and has centered wheel.

    I also replaced several craftsman tools while I was at sears.
  12. Purchased chin spoiler josh was talking about earlier.

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  13. Installed it cry baby lol

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  14. thanks man, now i dont have to look at it anymore lol
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  15. Thought this was being over nighted? What's the status? o_O
  16. Company went belly up cause someone copied it and sold it for less. I refuse to buy a stolen blatant copy it's WRONG.

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  17. Drum roll for N8dogg to come in for the chitty pic...:D
  18. I took the pic with my iphone4s in dark garage with the flash. Geeze I wanted to share :chair:

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  19. These should be called Jay Leno Spoilers.