4.6 newb....im from the fox 5.0 side of stangnet

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  1. Very nice rides!!
  2. That thing is hammered for sure! Love it.
  3. No. I had if remember right 2" drop in the front an 2.5" in the back. Been about ten years ago. An were 18" saleens powdered black. Filled the wheelwells nice? Kinda took that look an put it on my 02'. But didn't drop this one that low. Was tired of scrapin on every an anything. I actually wanted the airride techs. The airbag strut setup? But they are not to performance savve? Went with the Steeda complete suspension setup.
  4. Dude, easy on the periods.
  5. LOL the ? throws me but I can read it....
  6. It's my phone bro....... It's on the rag/period. Lol. :)
    For sum reason the qwerty crap thinks it can read my mind an knows what I want to type? An put periods after everyother word.
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  7. I dig the blurry avatar picture.
  8. poor guy cant get a break.... it must be a SHAWN thing LOL
  9. Filled my gas tank up and drove it to Ky and back home then back to Ky so almost all highway miles. I am at 295 miles on this tank and still have a little left.
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  10. Are you shifting at 2k rpm??? :)
    Are you shifting at 2k rpm??? :)
  11. It's funny. In my car I can get almost 300 miles out of the first half tank of fuel, but the last half goes down in 100 miles. lmfao.
  12. instantly one of my favorite sn's. Is that Atlantic blue??
  13. These 4.6 cars do quite well on gas. Back when I was in college driving from Grand Forks to Minneapolis I could get 23-24 MPG's averaging 75 MPH. That's not shabby and got me about 350 miles per tank of gas.
  14. I don't know what your talking about, mine sucks gas like nobodies business.
  15. Prolly cause you drive like a 15 year old bandit. On my regular commute (15-20 miles in light traffic) I average about 20 MPG in the Mustang and that includes some city driving.
  16. I actually really don't rip on it that much anymore, but the 4.10's dont help with the gas mileage. I could drive 200 miles down to school and still have like a quarter tank left. I do know my jeep with an inline six gets better mileage.
  17. I filled it up this mornin. It averaged 23 mpg. I went 305 miles and it was on empty low fuel light had just came on.

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  18. Probably around there. Actually this whole tank was 99% highway running 65-75 mph I went 305 miles and the low light came on so I stopped to fill up it took a little over 13 gallons. It averaged 23 Not bad really.
  19. i would get that or a bit more in the summer with my 02
  20. I tend to do a lot of city driving and am able to go about 245 miles, then the low fuel light comes on... I know when I drive up to visit a buddy in college I get 23 mpg at 75mph. Not too shabby , although the drone becomes horrible after 15 minutes at 75mph...