4.6 newb....im from the fox 5.0 side of stangnet

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  1. The springs popped a few times and then settled it. Feels about the same. It wont give you 3/4 inch. Maybe 3/8.
  2. With tuner,the new rear control arms its like a new car. Running great fun to drive.
  3. Get it to der track!
  4. Kinda hard to do. Im on the road all week.
  5. Leave it with me, ill let ya know what it ran! lol
  6. Haaaa!!!

    No seriously.....

  7. I bought a air conditioner vacuum pump at a pawn shop today. Last fall i replaced the compressor on my gt so today i put the pag oil into the compressor and pulled a vac on the system. It held so i charged it. It gets ice cold. Hopefully it will last. It held the vacuum with no problem.
  8. I wish i could say i have done a lot to the car. I have not had time though. I did pick up a spare trunk lid. Im going to fill the holes repaint it ill have wing delete set up and spoiler lid.

    The ac is still ice cold!
  9. Wingless will look good on your cars especially since its lowered. Also good to hear the A/C is working, I had to add a can of freon into the system to get mine to work again. It blows really cold now and glad I didnt have to spend $$$ to fix it.
  10. Well i no longer have lemon head or big bird as it was called by a co worker.

    I traded straight up for a 99 svt lightning

    Keep in mind i had 4000 invested in big bird.

    I introduce Raven:






    She needs a good wax and buff.
    1999 ford lightning,5.4 supercharged.has steigmeir ported charger.upper plenumn,c&l cold air intake,sct big air mass air meter,ram air to a k&n filter,metco idlers,6 lb lower pulley,adjustable upper pulley updated intercooler,rebuilt tranny with valve body upgrade,sct tuner with custom tunes by breenspeed,lowered,adjustable strange shocks,traction bars.

    He wanted 10k for it.
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  11. Nice trade! How does she pull? I bet she pulls hard! I always wanted a Lightning but always wish they had the T56 instead of the auto.
  12. She pulls pretty strong. The blower whine is awesome!
    These trucks were rated like 360hp from factory. Mine has some improvements over stock.

    I had a 91 gt with a 347 that made 365hp 434tq at wheels. This feels about as strong going by the seat of pants meter.
  13. God i want an L.. :drool:
  14. It's a truck!
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  16. Excellent deal!

    My pops used to have an '03. I loved that thing, it ran 14.0's bone stock. He traded it in for a '01 Powerstroke though....wish he would have kept it.
  17. Im loving it! Boost is addictive lol
  18. Updated photos