4.6 newb....im from the fox 5.0 side of stangnet

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  1. first job...LOWER IT ;)

    great deal BTW
  2. Needs to be lowered ASAP!

    Lemon head eh? Nice. I call mine Big Bird :nice:
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  3. Agreed. Im selling some stuff on teh ebay and I will haz money to buy springz
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  4. now you stop laughin' right meow!

    (to the OP, sorry for the hijack. car looks great!)
  5. meh, the OP is used to it. Trust me.
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  6. Ha no worries.. Im a professional thread derialer...LOL

    YOu shut your diry man pleaser!! LOLZ

    heres the tag off the door

    View attachment 159168
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  7. I do believe b7 is zinc yellow
  8. yeah it is I found a vin decoder.
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  9. both cars look great, win win for both of you id say
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  11. The coupe had rust in the passenger 1/4 that brought the value down some
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  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but did you used to have a red gt drop top white top? With TMOSS ported stuff????? Im trying to remember back in the day lol

    Oh yeah, nice deal!
  13. Yep I did. Among many others...

    87 vert 306 afr 165 lot of other goodies

    next owner boosted it

    View attachment 159123

    View attachment 159124

    91 gt 347 tremec 3550 trick flo twisted wedge heads lot lots more.
    View attachment 159125

    View attachment 159126

    View attachment 159127

    66 coupe 306 efi t5 AC etc
    View attachment 159129

    View attachment 159130

    View attachment 159131

    View attachment 159132

    93 gt leather interior all stock except exh and 5 lug

    View attachment 159133

    and the 87 coupe
    View attachment 159134

    View attachment 159135

    View attachment 159137

    View attachment 159138

    View attachment 159139

    View attachment 159140
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  14. i have had others this is just the nicer ones
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  15. HEY!!!!!!!!! THAT'S MY CAR!!!! It was stolen from me when I was at the hospital waiting for my daughter to be born! Google the VIN number! You'll see!

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  16. Oh wait... that car was a white Carmen Ghia. My bad. :D

    Please resume your thread. :p
  17. Tough luck it is in my name now. I titled it today
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  18. It's ok. Now I remember... it wasn't even me. :shrug:
  19. Yessss now I remember the old days are coming back to me! Red drop top on Roh's ha ha
  20. Ya Boooooooooye!
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