4.6 newb....im from the fox 5.0 side of stangnet

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  1. It would be a lot better (and easier) to just go the programmer route.
  2. I read up on the timing adjusters. While u can gain a little hp some guys stated they had some drivability issues car bucking etc. I think I'll save up for a tuner from American muscle they offer free tunes for life.
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  3. I had a leaky pinion seal on the rear diff... I replaced it the other day... Took about 45 mins... I was kinda nervous about it because you have to get the nut tightened exactly as it was...... I found a good video on you tube and it was very helpful...

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  5. Dood, it looks sooooo much better lowered. I love it.

    Time to get a shorty antenna and a mach 1 grill delete and chin spoiler :nice:
  6. I have those on my wish list.
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  8. Short throw and cobra grill delete ordered
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  9. Nice! Did you just cut the antenna and install the little ball?
  10. Yeah I leave the antenna on the car and I use small vice grips and grab the ball and turn in the direction that tightens the antenna and the ball will twist off with a little twist and wiggle. Then I remove the antenna from the car and I use my angle grinder and cut the antenna about 13" long . I then grind a taper on the end of the antenna untill the ball barely will not fit.... Now the fun part.
    Putting the ball back on.

    The easiest way I have found is to put the ball back in the vice grips. Put the grips on the concrete floor. and put the end of the antenna in the hole in the ball and tap the antenna stud with the hammer to force the antenna into the hole the concrete floor works best.. I tried wood etc...... holding the ball with the vice grips keeps it from shooting away like a rocket LOL

    Spray a little black paint where needed and reinstall.
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  11. much better :nice:
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  12. Car looks really good now with the rims, I still think our generation is the best looking imo. I can't wait to lower mine I'm tired of that 4x4 stance.
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  14. I will get some better pics later.
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  15. Lower it!! The rear took me 30-40 mins tops. The fronts can be done in an hour easy.

    The ebay springs have worked out well. I do not regret getting the cheap springs. I made a few modifications to the bump stops and the ride is decent. I will have 200 in the springs,CC plates and an alignment.

    As for the rims. I have really grown to like them. I did a image search on google of new edge mustangs. I wa looking for black wheels with polished lips what I found was very few with the deep dish mach wheels like I have..... however I saw the same wheels over and over: saleens, cobras ,03 04 cobras, ccw.s ,fr500 bullits,etc.... I like being different.
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  16. I installed a short throw shifter... shifts tight now... much better.
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  17. Car is coming along nicely!
  18. getting parts left and right for this thing....
  19. pics look like chit... Oh, and if you want to see what your wheels will look like black with a chrome rim get yourself some redneck nectar (plasti-dip).
  20. looking great... I would paint the yellow part black, that is showing behind the bumper opening between the fogs
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