4.6 newb....im from the fox 5.0 side of stangnet

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  1. Ill take a look at it and see what I think. Thanks for the suggestion.
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  2. Been selling parts I had stashed away to buy parts for this one.

    You shut your whore mouth!!
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  4. Those are actually the summit racing brand. Decent wheel for the price... Not as shiny as welds though.
  5. im gonna has to come over thur and give that thing a gander sometime!
  6. Anytime Josh.
  7. those wheels are really starting to grow on me...

    car looks damn good brotha. :nice:
  8. SteedaGT9150

    Thanks. I just changed the center caps.. I had to custom make them from the original center and a oem ford center to get it to work....
    A oem ford cap would pop in the wheel but it sat 1/8" deeper and didnt sit flush. I did some measuring and found that the thick silver emblem glued to the retaining ring was the same thickness as the oem mustang emblem. The only differnce was the tabs molded into the back of the oem cap.....so I broke all the tabs off the oem ford cap and glued the oem cap to the original white retaining ring assy...... Turned out good I think....

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  9. Your car is teh sex... :fap:
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  10. Thanks!!! I am trying to make it nice on a limited budget.
  11. Aren't we all? :D
  12. Most of us are. It seems some have very deep pockets. LOL
  13. ....Like my wife in the coach store lol
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  14. I know exactly what your saying... We have a Coach outlet 20 mins from home...... I hate it when she goes there......
  15. Be glad its the outlet and not the store, atleast shes saving u a buck! Until she adds the wallet to match, ugg boots, and miss me jeans....Ive got as much invested in her as my car lmao
  16. Heh... I got 5500 just in boobs invested in her.. .LMAO!
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  17. Lord son! Glad i found a natural....:p
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  18. It was her idea. I honestly was against it. I was worried about all the horror stories you hear about.