4.6 parts to expensive. 5.0 parts cheap as crap, how long did it take for the 5.0's

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  1. We all know the 5.0 parts are cheap as crap. We know its cause the 5.0's have been around forever and thats why the 4.6 parts are extremely expensive and not getting any cheaper. My question is, when the 5.0's came out how long did it take to actually get aftermarket parts to drop there prices. I'm guessing it happened in the late 80's. But the 4.6 motors have been out now for 12 years with the start in the early 90's lincoln towncar, grand marquis, crown victoria, and later into mustangs in 96, and thats been 8 years.

  2. well the 5.0 was around for what 30 years?
    and the 4.6 has been around for 10(early 90's in lincolns)...

    i am guessing we have a long time before the prices drop
    co's are still making us pay for their research
  3. I think aftermarket for 5.0 really started to pick up around 1988...so we still ahve time but I'm pretty happy to see what's coming...some companies like T&J or Vtengines invest a lot in R&D to give us what we need: strokers, S/C kits, Turbos...I mean c'mon..it's a really good start..hopefully someone will start making decent heads/intake...my0.02
  4. yes I would say the same thing about the heads and the intake. I just hope they come out with some and they aren't extremely expensive.
  5. If you look at the fact that 5.0s in 1985 EFI had 205 HP. You now get a 281 with 260+ HP out of the box. I don't think it will ever be as cheap for heads, OHC heads will cost more and you need more than just heads. Cams, springs and valves x 2. A lot of the 5.0s also came with forged internals. The 5.0 block will also split in two pieces at lower HP levels than a 4.6 block. I would guess intakes are coming and will be less expensive than right now , but never as cheap as the 5.0. It is a different technology and time. I still like pushrod engines and the sound, but am a big fan of where the OHC engines are going. :nice:
  6. I don't understand why these kind of posts still come up. Wake up the 4.6 is never going to be "cheap". If you think it costs too much then sell your car and get a 5.0. Do you think that 5.0 heads came out and then dropped in price 10 years later? No. GT40 heads cost just as much today as they did back then. The great variety of heads and intakes available today for the 5.0 were developed after the last 302 block came rolling off the assembly line.

  7. for the 4.6 market to really drop in price first you will probally have to wait untill they bring back the new 5.0 in 2009 soo after that they should drop like no tomorow.
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  9. Sorry, but whether or not they bring back the 5.0 will have nothing to do with the price of 4.6 parts.

    As others have mentioned, parts for our cars are still highly in R&D, and the cost for that is passed on to us. Also consider the market. The 5.0 performance market is HUGE. See how many guys with a 5.0 you can think of that mod their car frequently and still have stock H/C/I. Then look at how many of us are still just tweedling with bolt ons. Prices will eventually come down, but I dont think they will ever be as cheap as 5.0 parts.

    We still have a long way to go yet anyway. We still dont really have a good variety of intakes, but they are coming. Cams are limited to only a few companies, so are heads. We dont even have an aftermarket block, which *could* be really nice, as there could be our good sized CID motors without having to resort to a stroker setup, but all in good time. If enough of us actually wanted these parts, we would have them. But fact of the matter is the aftermarket builds what we will buy, and thats why we for the most part only have bolt ons and forced induction, and thats why H/C/I's are expensive.
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  11. this was not tech in 03 and it's not tech today.. So I moved it.. :SNSign:
  12. The prices have already dropped on the 4.6L's...

    I don't think it is all that expensive compared to the 5.0L's.

    You compare the same quality pieces to the same quality pieces on 5.0L...they prices are very similar.

    My 5.0L heads cost $1,550...go look up some nice 4.6L heads for a daily driver. The price is pretty close eh;)

    Gt40 heads (stock 5.0L heads on the cobra's) are what $800 bucks assembled.

    Stock PI heads (99+) are what...$700 bucks for both with cams into that price.

    Getting the point?
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  14. The only good thing about parts costing more for the
    4.6L mustang is that are cars are worth more than the
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  17. I dunno about that. I've seen Fox 5.0's selling for more than 96-98 GT's.