4.6 parts to expensive. 5.0 parts cheap as crap, how long did it take for the 5.0's

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  1. i used to think samething about 4.6 Vs 5.0 parts cost. But if you think about it, its really not that much difference.
    cylinder heads For instance, Patriet Performance have new head for 4.6sohc that they sell through Summit(PN# PAR-1004) for assembled at around $1300.
    TrickFlow Twisted Edge for 5.0(PN# TFS-51400004) fully asssembled for $1236.

    thats not that much difference for similer concept heads.

    Intake manihold for 5.0 goes anywhere from $450+. intake manihold for 4.6 is less then $200(granted, most 5.0 maniholds does comes with lower intake manihold as well, where as 4.6, no)

    I don't think 4.6 is no more expensive to mod then 5.0. Not by much anyway.
    What 5.0 does have that we 4.6 guys don't have is the Choices. there are about who knowz how many manufacture making Cylinder heads, and intake maniholds for 5.0. So is Cams, headers and long block.
    where as for 4.6, only handfull of manufactures are amking parts thats worth a damn.

    5.0 or 4.6, It really doesn't matter. if you want quality parts, it still cost you assload of $$$.

    5.0 does respond better to mods then 4.6.. thats true. But that only means that basic designe of 4.6 is far far better then that of 5.0. Remenber tho. 302 is in existance for almost 40 years. and 4.6 has been around for just over 10. 4.6 is better design engine 10 years after introduction then that of 302 after 40 years of continues improvements
  2. If you think modular 2V parts are expensive, look at the 3V stuff..
  3. I just hate that 302 cams are like half as much as 4.6 cams!!!!
  4. But they have 1 cam where as we have 2. So in essence, its same price:shrug:

    Would be nice if our cams is less then what it is now tho:(