Engine 4.6 swap to 5.4 questions!

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  1. ok so i have seen people do the swap and people are talking about it everywhere but i have a few questions on doing the swap. saw a guy with a TT 5.4 making 1100rwhp at 25lbs of boost! and it made me start do dream and really think about it. im finding the 5.4 block everywhere (new built able to hold 900hp for 6k and ones that new a rebuild for 200) and it made me think. i have always dreamed of getting 800rwhp+ never thought id be able to get it out of my 2002 gt. so made me look into the swap even more.
    people say that the swap is easy but i would still like to keep the car street legal. yes i know im also going to have to replace just about everything on the car to be able to hold that much power and put it to the ground, but would the computers hook up or what would i have to do so it would pass emissions?
    how hard would it be? am i better off selling my 02 and buying a fox body because no emissions?
    am i better off finding a block that needs to be rebuild, or going to a company and buying a fully build motor from them and telling them what i plan on doing to do?
    also does 800whp sound right for lower boost on a fully built 5.4?
    if to do the swap what should i go with 2v,3v,4v?
    and for all the smart asses who are just going to talk :poo:, no it is not my DD, yes i know it wont be cheap.
  2. For those numbers, start with a 4v
  3. Ok what i think would be the smartes is buy a lincoln navigator 5.4 dohc put 4.6 cobra heads on it slap an eaton supercharger on it done yea it wont be 800rwhp but you will still have alot of power and you can make it smog legal alot easier. Pluss from other post ive seen the ecu just plugs right in. And do some research type in 5.4 swap theirs alot of people doing it. But keep me posted if you do it cause thats a really good swap
  4. what do yall think about this
    http://www.modularmustangracing.com/mmr_17.htm and http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-GT-sup...pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr(if the link sells it is a ford gt heads for 1500)

    still looking for everything else at the moment trying to find out how much everything is going to cost before i go out and buy it for i dont run short of money half way though the build

    just that im at like $5500+3.5k for the TT so = 9k and still need more stuff, still looking everything up buy guessing it will be around 4k more so grand total of approximately 13k

  5. If you can afford it all i say go for it you can get alot of power from it but if your kinda on a budget id go down to a local wrecking yard and get a wrecked 5.4 dohc out of a lincoln navigator and it comes with everything. Then put a boss intake manifold or falcon intake. Port th heads then twin turbo it. But if you got that kinda cash to blow go for it buddy
  6. but if i get a wrecked 5.4 im going to have to rebuild it anyways to be able to hold all the power im shooting for and it will cost more then just to buy the new block. if i was not shooting for the #s i am looking for or just to make my car run if my block cracked or something maybe but i still have the 4.6 with no problems just shooting for big #s
  7. hypothetically speaking; if you were to build a twin turbo 5.4 that makes 800+ rwhp, you would have to build everything. your going to have nearly 10k in the motor alone. furthermore, you would have to do the fuel system thats at least $2500 to do it right. your going to have to upgrade your transmission; depending on what you do with that could set you back anywhere from 3-5k. stock rear end cant take that abuse, so axles, diff, gears, etc... probably close to 1k or so. suspension to make it stick... who knows, there are too many options with that. cage to make it safe. gauges to keep an eye on your investment. etc.

    it adds up quick. godspeed sir.
  8. I know the guy/car on Youtube you're talking about. He's running ported 4-valve GT heads. Trust me. To have a setup like that, you'd better have the pocketbook ready. Easily got 30k+ in the motor/turbo/transmission/rear end setup. And that's just parts.

    IIRC, that car is running mid-10s at mid-140s nowadays. Fast, but not quite 1200 rwhp fast....