4.6 trickflow cams?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by jimijuggernaut, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. i see that summit is selling trickflow stage 1-2 cams for the 4.6. has anyone used them yet?
  2. They are new enough that they are not on the net yet, only in the catalog.
  3. really...what is the price on those babies?
  4. Hmmmm very interesting
  5. I think I saw like 450... Don't quote me on that as I can't remember.
  6. yup, there $449

    i was eyeing up the stage 2's, 234/234 dur @.50 and 580/580 lift.......
  7. They state stage twos are for FI motors...
  9. I still havn't seen these.

    Is the Christmas issue not the latest Summit catalouge out? They are not in there...

    Any links or other proof they actually exist? I think for $450 cams for our 2v's made by TrickFlow would be all over the forums...
  10. where are these listed? i looked on both Trickflow and Summit's web page and cant find these.
  11. i dont know, it does not say it in the summit magizine
  12. Same here... searching Yahoo turns up nothing either.

    I have the December issue of the Summit catalouge and it doesn't have anything.

    Do you guys have a January issue allready or something? I'm REALLY interested to see these but can't even find a lick of info about them aside from this...
  13. its the jan-feb 09 mag......

    View attachment 282332

    just a quick cell phone pic.....
  14. Damn man, thank you.

    I can't wait to get that issue, I am still stuck with the December one, lol.

    Hmmm this may put cams on the mod list...:D

    Stage 1's look a little on the small side, operating range isn't too high at all.

    Stage 2's reccomended for forced induction but would probably work decent on an NA setup.
  15. yep i got the magazine yesterday and saw them, id rather stick with comp or my vt's stage 2s going in my car in a few weeks, check out the moroso oil pan as well, its a nice :nice:
  16. i actually got the catalog today and sure enough they are in there.
  17. anyone got full specs on them?
  18. no, only what summit says....

    (stage 1) 1,500-5,000- 226/230 [email protected] .50, .550/.550 lift

    (stage 2) 1,800-6,500 - 234/234 dur @.50 .580/.580 lift
  19. These look to be clones of the Comp XE262AH cams: 226/230 & .550 @ 113LSA

    Comp's XE270AH is fairly close to this one: 234/238 & .550 @ 113LSA

    But .580 lift on the TF cams? Wow. Obviously springs are a must for this lift but are there any OE guide seal or retainer concerns at that lift?
  20. I believe they designed the stage twos to work primarily with ported heads or their new heads that are about to be released...

    I wonder how much a HCI 2v with a Street Heat Trickflow kit will make...