4.6 trickflow cams?

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  1. And that is a test we will be doing in house soon. We're really excited about the release of these new heads and will be developing our own porting program for them too.

    We will be testing these heads on so many combos, ie.)
    N/A only changing heads
    N/A with cams too
    N/A HCI stock and ported

    and the same with all FI applications.

    Even in stock form, these heads look very promising, and Trick Flow is genius for doing this and owning the market with the only aftermarket head option.
  2. Agree'd... I was thinking about the TF Stg. 2 cams with the new heads and their Track Heat intake just a little while ago actually.

    Should be a really strong runner.
  3. yeah,

    i want to see: TFS heads, cams, intake, and longtubes on a N/A 5.4:nice:

    talk about 400+rwhp N/A:drool:..........
  4. Ha thats funny i to was thinking how bada$$ of a combo that would be
  5. TFS Stg 2 Cam is almost identical to Crower Stg 2 PI SC cam. 234/234 .581/.581 @ 114 LSA. I run those in a N/A car which is currently the most powerful streetable N/A 2V on this board and I am doing it with an auto to boot, so those cams will work N/A...

    The TFS heads will not solve the 5.4 issues and make decent HP. The 3V head flows more than those heads and there is no 5.4 3V anywhere near 400 RWHP N/A, even with that supposedly god's gift to the 5.4 3V australian intake...
  6. will thai work with stock pistons?
    580 lift is alot notching ?
  7. Trickflow designed that cam to work with their new heads. no notching will be needed unless you use stock heads.
  8. you have to be talking about ported heads here because the trick flow heads flow 240cfm I have never seen stock 3v heads flow near that much.
  9. Stock 3V heads flow between 222 - 237 CFM, depending on who you obtain the info from. Ported they can get over 300 CFM. It doesn't matter whether they are ported or not, the N/A 5.4 3V engine has not achieved 400 RWHP with better heads, cams and intake combo, so it is pretty safe bet that even with these new TFS heads, the N/A 5.4 2V won't do it either.
  10. I have valve reliefs in my pistons and Crower Offset Retainers in the heads because I am using NPI heads. However with the Crower Offset retainers, you can run over .610 lift in PI heads without having to have valve reliefs notched into your pistons...
  11. I have yet to see anything stating stock 3v heads flow more then 225. and most of those numbers are achieved at un-realistic lifts. Keep in mind that the combustion chambers on the tfs heads are light years ahead of any stock casting and that is where the magic happens. I also doubt a 5.4 3v na would hit 400rwhp but it is a possibility considering that the tfs test car made 370rwhp with these heads.
  12. The test car did that with a 4.6L... Up until now, if you used the same heads, cams, intake, exhaust combo on a N/A 2V 4.6L and a N/A 2V 5.4L, the 4.6 makes considerably more power. The best N/A 2V 5.4L is flirting with just under 300 RWHP currently. Similar N/A 2V 4.6L cars are at 340+ RWHP... KenB make 383 with his N/A 2V 4.6L. How are these heads going to find over 100 RWHP with a 5.4? Not going to happen...
  13. LSA Trickflow Stage 1 Cam -> 112
    LSA Trickflow Stage 2 Cam -> 114

    At least 3 big modular players are asking Trickflow to regrind the Stage 2 Cam with a LSA of 108 to be the perfect N/A cam.
  14. so a tighter lca is better for N/A motors?
  15. Yes.
  16. TGJ, how do you come to the conclusion that just regrinding the stg 2 cam to a 108 lsa would make a perfect N/A cam? I run the same crower stg 2 blower cams in a stock PI shortblock, so how would ptv clearance be with a tighter lsa? ACmilr on another board built a strong, high compression N/A 2v with ported PI heads and he went with more duration, lower lift, and wider lsa compared to what you're talking about. It was 246/242 duration at .050 with a .545 lift, 110 lsa as I recall. That is a grind that comp recommends now.
  17. First, I am not the one telling Trick Flow to change the specs on the cam. Read the post again.

    The perfect N/A cam IMO should have an LSA of 108 - 112 depending on the idle characteristics you are looking for. I run off the shelf Crower Stage 2 PI SC cams in my N/A car. When I first posted about that years ago on other boards, I got a bit of crap from knowledgeable others as to why I did not have those cams ground with a 111 LSA instead of 114 that they are off the shelf. I have got a very strong N/A car.

    The cams specs themselves depends on the heads and more so the Exhaust to Intake Flow Ratio. I talked about this in another thread.

    Heads where the Exhuast flows less than 70% of the Intake should have a cam that shows some favoritism to the exhaust side( like VT/CMS ) N/A cams do. There is no 2V head that flows that poorly on the exhaust side.

    A good N/A head the exhaust will flow between 70 - 80% of what the intake does. A cam for this head should show no favoritism to either. This is like the Crower Cam I am currently running. Trick Flow new 2V heads exhaust flows between 70 - 80% of what the intake does. Hence the reasoning of what the 3 companies are pushing Trick Flow to do.

    Most P&P PI heads, the exhaust flows more than 80% of what the intake does. A cam for this head should have a favouritism to the intake side. Like HiTech and the cam profile you mentioned does.
  18. Wonder what will be the rwhp increase with a Trick Heads & Cam job on a stock GT?

  19. it's funny you say that. there is in fact a header company building oroto types for 5.4 2v longtubes.

    Ed Olin made 390ish rwhp with the 5.4 3v. 3v heads flow less than the TFS 2v's.

    he ran 11.40. there will be a bunch of 11's soon after those heads hit the street with the 5.4 guys.
  20. TGJ i will submit to your superior knowledge. no doubt you are usually right. but.....

    you are saying crazy things.

    if you have a motor let's say a 5.4. bolt on stock navi heads. flowing 230-240ish stock. bolt on car kraft or and other intake. cam the hell out of it. what kind of hp numbers do you get?

    bolt on 04 4v heads. they flow similar numbers. put a sullivan on it. cam the hell out of it. what kind of numbers are we talking?

    take the EXACT same motor and bolt TFS heads with 240cfm or ported 257cfm and cam the hell out of it with a hard-ballr or similar intake. cam the hell out of it. you get less HP just because YOU say so?

    what kind of logic is that? TGJ logic? nothing personal. but old 2v heads are your frame of reference.