!4.6 vs 2.0 S/C!

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  1. So i know this might be a little random. But have any of ya'll ran up against any cobalt ss/sc cars? Do they hold their own? Any opinions about them? Im looking to either buy a 1999-2004 mustang GT or 2005-2007 cobalt SS/SC.
  2. Well look at the basics:

    GT: 260HP/302TQ 3400lbs (high side)
    SS: 210HP/200TQ 3000lbs

    The GT has a much better power/weight ratio

    However, with the SS obviously being factory forced-induction, it's going to respond pretty well to mods. Stock for stock and mod for mod, the GT should run away.
  3. I ran against one a few weeks ago. He was full bolt on, pullied and tuned. He was only running 14.0s, which is very well driven, stock 5-speed PI GT territory, but he seriously lacked the driver mod, and didn't have traction either. But, he was trapping at 105, which is quite a bit more than a stock GT will trap. 105 is good for low-mid 13s. I've also seen a non-supercharged Cobalt go 14.0 with nothing more than intake, exhaust, tune, gears, and slicks.

    With a driver and traction, a mildly modded supercharged SS will beat most naturally aspirated 2 valve Mustangs.
  4. I swear. ill be damed to ever lose to one of those things. And the new ones are turbo (S.O.B.). I heard they're making 260 hp.

    these cars
    Cobalt ss
    Ion Redline.

    Make me sick!!!
  5. All due respect to the well-read, horsepower junkie tuners lurking the forum...

    ... but FWD FTMFL.

    Mustang is the much better choice IMO. I've owned a couple damn good FWD cars in my time (2.3L Focus ZX3, Jetta VR6, etc.) and loved them to death, but they are no Pony car, and the whining Cobalt is ultimately no different... but it's all about what flavor you like.:nice:
  6. Yea, the Stage 2 supercharged SSs are rated at like 250. All three of those cars were at the track a few weeks ago. Cobalt ran times above; Neon was running 13.4 at about 105; Redline was running 13.8 at 109 :eek:.

    To answer the question, yes, all of those cars with traction and a driver can relatively easy give a whoopin to a majority of NA 2 valves out there.

    Yup. Much agreed. Even the drivers of those cars will agree. You just can't easily and consistently hook a FWD car.
  7. I hate how technology on these new cars have really hit us hard. It kinda sucks that we have problems hitting good 13.4 / 13.5 track times:(

    I will say though...a lot of these guy piss in their pants when a supercharged mustang pulls up....and im sure they'd Chit their pants if a turbo one walked up.

    And, out of these three cars. The srt4's seem to be making the best power / times....but, like u guys said, fwd ftl....and the overal looks of the car :leaving:
  8. The cobalt is ugly.
  9. I have a few friends that own those cobalts both sc and the tc ones. The SC is just garbage and will never perform unless you take the sc off and turbo it. The TC can be a performer. One of my friends has a Hans built cobalt ss/tc and can hang with stock 03 cobras.

    Neon str4s are gay as hell but my buddy ran his with just bolt ons untuned with slicks and ran a 12.7 in the 1/4.
  10. I was next to one of those Cobalt SS guys and he reved his engine at me and tried to spin his tires and failed after about a half second. I stopped and line locked my stang for 10 seconds and filled his crapbolt with smoke and sped off :). one of the best feel good moments in a while
  11. Hell I was not even there and it made me feel good! Nice work! :banana:
  12. To the OP....mustang or fail!
  13. Why would you ask this question on a mustang forum? You know what we're all gonna say!
  14. Mustang ftw all day long!:D Plus with the stang you're getting one thing that you wouldn't get with the cobalt. That patented exhaust note that everyone knows all too well and plus it's sexier.
  15. A guy in our local car club put down 237front wheel horsepower and 197lb/ft torque @12.8 PSI, it had the GM stage 2 kit and some other bolt-ons.
  16. a decent turbo cobalt will win, with drag radials everyone who intends to race uses these days.
  17. It's kind of funny that you guys are getting upset over 4cyl. turbo cars, lol.

    Low weight, minimal cylinders, and boost have been a winning combination for a while now.

    I'd have no problem losing to an SRT-4 vehicle, CBSS, or anything comparable.

    They have superior technology and respond better to mild modifications than my GT would to cams and ported heads. They got it pretty damn good.

    I'll own a Mustang over them because I don't prefer FWD AT ALL, I don't like econoboxes, and I like the raw feeling and superior "overall" potential of the Mustang. If it was my only choice to own one as a performance car, then I'd do it... but I have respect for them none-the-less.
  18. I'm with Burning Rubber on this one.......that said, my 2v is just to slow, bring on the FI
  19. Buy Mustang....then add supercharger/ turbo and never look back.
  20. I ran against a stock Stage 1 Cobalt SS in 06 when I had my 2000 GT, stock. I smoked him 3 times in a row, then I barely beat a programmed GTI, then when they raced the Cobalt beat the GTI pretty bad, lol, doesnt make much sense, but I never had any problems with the Cobalt. Supercharged Saturns are faster from what I see