!4.6 vs 2.0 S/C!

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  1. Again, I have all kinds of respects for the strong runners in the FWD world, but end of the day, no smoking hot chick ever said... "Oooohhh baby, when are you gonna take me for a ride in that sexy Neon..?"

    Mustang FTW! :D
  2. Both cars are about the same stock for stock. I ran a 14.3 completely stock in my old Cobalt. When i put the Injen on i was running consistent 14.1s at 101. Those cars have good top end power but almost nothing below 4k RPMs. It was a sweet car but i had so many problems it made me sick. I do miss the sound of the supercharger though. My 04 GT could take the Cobalt off the line but from a role i think it would be dead on.
  3. my gst will hook up alot better than my mustangs will..

    I ran a 75 shot cobalt ss, with a built motor, ported blower and on about 17psi, and no spray from a dig i could get him, from a roll he killed me lol
  4. If you like men, get the cobalt......
  5. thats not all mustangs have to be worried about. all the new cars are superior tech and can kick some ass! the new maxima, acura tl, g8, 370z, bmw 3 series. all of these plus many more can put a hurting on a near stock 2 valve or atleast give them trouble. to be honest, i think some of these would have given me problems when i had all every bolt on.
  6. Those are all $35k or more....... they better be fast...........:flag:
  7. +1

    Thats similar to comparing a Z06, Viper, etc to a lowely 2V GT
  8. Just for comparison.....

    I ran an STi earlier tonight (300HP turbo 4-banger). 3 runs all from 55mph. All 3 runs we were dead even to 110 or so. It had a LOUD exhaust and an insanely LOUD external wastegate so it wasn't stock. I chatted with the guy a bit afterwards and he couldn't believe I hang with him. DONT FEAR THE TURBO ECONOBOXES lol

    BTW, so that I'm not breaking the rules, this all took place on a private highway in Mexico ;)
  9. i think the maxima and g8 are compairable in price to the new gts. i know the new gts have a bit more power then our model but we still have to keep up none the less. see thats just it, i cant compaire our beatiful mustang gt with some crap like the colbolt...thats a peice of junk. i rather be compaired to camaros and vettes then some cheap peice of junk. those cars should not be in our league. if they are up to par in power its just because they are newer....start throwing on the mods. we cant let that junk be faster then us.
  10. Obviously the Cobalt SS or SRT-4 Neon has limitations over the Mustang as far as overall power to be made. But for a stock to stock comparison they are absolutely in the same PERFORMANCE league as our GT's. They may cost less, but they will run our cars and respond to mods better and beat our cars once they start adding minimal, simple parts.

    I don't see why you guys are getting upset over it. Who cares if it's a Cobalt or Neon? Chevy and Chrysler did something YEARS after our body style was introduced and they perform as well if not better than our cars... big deal. If you want to compare them to a Mustang compare them to an 05-10 and don't sweat it. Obviously the 3v has the INITIAL stock to stock advantage, but then again 3v's don't come boosted stock, but they do respond better to mods than a 2v.

    At the end of the day those cars are still econo-boxes with factory go-fast parts. For some people? Yes. For myself and everyone else on this board? Obviously not because we are in Mustangs.

    Like I said... I wouldn't want one, wouldn't buy one (unless it was my ONLY way to have a quick car), but I respect them for what they are and I'm not going to get ****ed if I lose to a car with a similar, or better power to weight ratio than my GT... It's not just about HP numbers.

  11. I've seen it a thousand times...:rlaugh:
  12. Anything can be made fast, it is style and class that matter.
  13. Lets face it guys > HP and weight have a BIG roll in how cars are made today > I DO NOT expect my 98 cobra to beat every ricer or crap-box FWD out there > but > like I said before HP and weight . NOW add PRICE you can buy a fairly-clean mustang gt and up grade for the cost of a STI or Cobalt ss or Honda rsx >Lets say 87-to 04 are the normal cars on here > everyone knows what the easy / cheap bolt on's are > I'm doing a complete rebuild on my cobra > motor / trans / suspension and rear because when it rolls out this summer I want the upper hand on these crap box's that are rolling around on our streets > you can drive a eco box if you want ( hey it'll save more money for your stang) > I have a Ford Focus I drive and a gas saver> but when you want a musle car > a stang is the only thing I think of
  14. Why do you care if they are faster than you? They will be green with envy once they hear your 4v bark it's pipes, right? :rolleyes:
  15. Has anyone bought a 2v Mustang GT thinking it was the fastest car in the world? I'd rather have a nice looking RWD V8 coupe than an ugly FWD sedan, no matter which is faster.

    I was tempted to get a WRX a number of years ago, but they canned the coupe body so I canned the Subaru purchase plan. If I want an AWD wagon down the road, I know what I'd buy, however. I just think it's stupid EVO's and WRX's/STI's have four doors yet the rear seat really has no more useful room than my Mustang's. I'd never buy one for actually carrying people.