4.6L GT Convertible Mach 460 Question

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  1. I have a Convertible Mustang its a 2000 and I have a Mach 460 sound system. The engenious design by Ford had the amplifiers for the Mach 460 sound system behind the seats where the convertible top lays down. During the summer time I didnt realize it but my back window leaked. Hence a big pool of water right over top of the 2 amps. Im assuming that it filled up to the point to where water leaked on top of either one of the two amps and now only the 4 tweeters are working. Right before my speakers cut out, they would intermittently cut in and out, but only the bass like say if I were going around a turn it would eventually come back to me. I get absolutely no bass through my speakers. My question is... Theoretically I should be able to replace the fried amp with a known good one and presto I should have bass again. If this is the problem, does anybody know which of the two amps it would be. The one closest to the passenger or driver side door. That is of course I am assuming correctly because I figured that the two amps, one should be for bass and the other should be for highs or tweeters. And could I go to a pull apart and get the model number off it and replace it with the exact model? Please help me I am a big music enthusiast and I'd like for my speakers to work.
  2. The Left rear amp controls the right/left lower door speakers.

    The right rear amp controls the left/right rear speakers.

    The door "tweeters" are driven by the amp in the center console (per 2000 wiring diagram).

    There is no programming in the amps. Therefore, if you get the same replacements, they will plug right up with no wiring changes. It may be hard to find. Try ebay or car-part.com.

    Depending upon the cost of replacemnt, some consideration should be given to an aftermarket replacement. May spend about the same money and get a better unit. However, this has to be weighed against the hassle of re-wiring. Further consider that if BIG bass power is on your wish list, the entire Mach sound system is powered by a 25 amp fuse. This also limits how much power can be made unless you are willing to run new power wires as well (25 amps * 12 volts = 300 watts).

    In any case, I have my doubts regarding finding a water proof unit.;)
  3. the right amp being the one on my driver side right. if so thats a huge help. thanks again.
  4. If you have no bass at all four corners then both rear amps are out. You'll need to do some testing to make sure you have power and signal getting to them before you can tell if the amps themselves are bad or if it's a wiring problem.

    If you have bass at either the front or at the back then you can switch the amps around and see if the bass moves with the amps or stays put - that will tell you if one of the amps is bad or if they are both good and you have a wiring problem instead.

    You said they worked intermittently before they went out completely? Look for a connector in the area that may be corroded from the water exposure or may have worked loose.
  5. the top speakers work on all of them. none of the bottom speakers work. so the two tiny little triangle speakers and the smaller speakers in the back. so does that mean both amps are blown? i mean it would be likely cuz i know there was lot of water. i had to use about 10 towels to soak all of it up. and there is these two holes with velcro in the back right over top of the speakers behind the seat which is where im pretty sure it was leaking at.
  6. More likely leaking from the corner of the rear glass. The repeated bending creates pin holes right where the top folds near the glass. This is a common problem with convertible Mustangs.

    The rear windscreen (glass and fabric) can be replaced without having to replace the entire top. Note, the glass is glued to the fabric. It is not servicable.

    The Left rear amp controls the right/left lower door speakers.
    The Right rear amp controls the left/right rear speakers.

    So if no bass at all from all four corners=both amps drowned.:doh:

    Since the front upper door tweets work, the fuse is good.
  7. good to know. there is a pull - a - part round where i live with a million mustangs so getting replacment amps wont be so bad.. about $50 a piece... its better then spending $1000 at a dealer...
  8. You could also look at a decent 4 way amp and do it that way.
  9. OBTW, the way the sub-amps are wired in the 1999-2000 MY is strickly 2 channel. Each sub-amp is controlling two speakers. However, the speakers are paralleled together.

    The factory wiring from the front amp to the rear sub-amps is also two channel. So if the desire is to stay with factory wiring, a two channel sub-amp may be a better fit.

    An option is to use a 4 channel sub-amp and bridge two input channels together creating a dual two channel sub-amp.

    If true 4 channel is wanted, then additional wiring will be needed.

    Obviously the water problem needs to be resolved since after market electronics can't swim any better than factory units. :rolleyes: