Suspension 4 Cyl To V8

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  1. Alright lady's and gentleman im heading to a local junk yard and i was wondering what suspension i need from a v8 car?I wont need the springs or shocks since im put aftermarket parts in later.But will i need the front spindals from the v8?:scratch: is that all?Is that any v8 so is the 4 eyed and aero would work.Also can someone post pics on what i need thank you.
  2. this has been covered countless times. there is a JY thread and a v8 swap thread in the 5.0 tech stickies.
  3. you don't need anything. No k member, no a-arms, no springs, nothing. Drop the v8 in and your done. 4 banger springs will give it a nice stance. Look at my build thread, i did this swap.(only i swapped to 5 lug brakes). 4 > 8, Auto > 5 speed, 4 lug > 5 lug.
  4. Thanx 1990.

    Stykthyn i will check more threads before sorry to be on your badside.
  5. Won't he need a dbl hump trans mount for true dual exhaust and V8 gauge pod to run the tac/speedo correct? - I'm in the same boat - But I was planing on using all the same front suspension / just as you said - maybe maybe up grading the spindles for better stock brakes or are the 4 cyl just as good - tearing into the front end of my project soon...............
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  6. no you'll need the tach and double hump cross member.. More so the crossmember, the tach will just read off until you get one from a V8 car. IMO if you are going to upgrade any type of brakes, go right to 5 lug, SN95 stuff. All fox brakes are junk.
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  7. Sorry that's what I meant ....a cross member - I bought one off ebay for only like $20 bucks or so - bought the original 4 lug chrome pony's so I'm stuck w/the brakes ...almost went 5 lug b/c darn those cobra 03/04 wheels look 'tight' on 93 coupes - people say just to replace the whole gauge 'pod' for the electronics / speedo / tach - I'll find someone who's parting one out hopefully .....I think that and the gas tank 'pick-up' out of a 85/86 ranger - and one would be good - although I'm wondering what do I do w/the return line - mines going carburated - :confused:
  8. I plan on doing both and i like what you did with your.
  9. Hopefully i will be able to pick up the speedo on Friday. The wheels i probably will run will be TSW's.
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