4 Days With Bk Racing & Borla In Daytona Beach

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  1. ATTENTION RACE FANS! Borla has launched a sweepstakes for the racing vacation of a lifetime! The winner of our "4 Days with BK Racing & Borla in Daytona Beach" promo will get airfare for two, five nights lodging, a rental car allowance, two VIP BK Racing Access “Hot Pass” Credentials to the full weekend in Daytona Beach, FL, Feb. 20-23. You'll watch the Borla #83 BK Racing car take its shot at glory and get to meet driver Ryan Truex. Oh and we'll even throw in 50% off a Borla exhaust system. We don't have much time, and the sign-up form is on our website, at www.borla.com!

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