4 Eyes In Boneyard

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  1. While on a boneyard hunt for heads this morning, we found this. Engine and trans gone. Has a good tilt steering column. Still has rear axel and all the body panel look decent. 1986 4 eyes. Crazy Rays pick and pull Hawkins Point Rd location.

    14364CEE-7610-449F-9610-F13B9440F502.jpg photo1.jpg photo2.jpg
  2. go back and grab

    T tops
    Rear tail lights
    hood liner

    You can sell them and make a few bucks

    Also, if it has the stock FOMOCO starter solenoid, take that, They are much better than aftermarket ones,
  3. You know, I totally missed the fact it had T-tops.

    The left tail light has a hole cracked in its corner. Look close at the pic and you'll see. Right tail light had no cracks but was quite weathered. Marginal condition at best.
  4. Halo headrests on the seats would be another easy sale.

    Year ago I parted out an 85 GT and made crazy money on the t-tops
  5. It's there for the pickin' for anyone in the area. That's why I posted it.

    I simply don't have the time.
  6. was at my locak LKQ this morning and spotted a 95 that had some U/D pulleys, MAC headers, BBK H pipe, and flowmaster mufflers. The place wanted crack head prices for them so I left them. I think these guys intentionally do this so you will leave the parts and they can sell them to their friends at lower prices. There is no list of prices so they can try and charge whatever... I mean $20 for each pulley? $75 for used headers? $60 for the h pipe?

    I did see at the U pull next door 2 complete explorer engines- 1997, and 1998. Think I'll go back tomorrow and pull the intakes and heads.
  7. I was at a pull a part today. Only seen one mustang, a 93 vert 2.3. I managed to find 11 5.0 exploders and only 1 still had the top end. Grabbed the heads, p heads, and intake for $150
  8. I just picked up an 86 that I am going to restore,plus beef up the engine a bit. What year explorers should I be looking for to take parts from? Do I just want the heads and manifold? Also, after getting them are they a direct fit on my 5.o?
  9. The 86 is a unique piece. So, even though it has Forged pistons, they are flat top and have no valve reliefs. So, you won't be able to use the "p" heads from the explorer unless you do some piston notching for PTV clearance. The upper and lower intake will work. Be advised too, that the Schrader valve on the 86 sits next to the FPR. So, if you plan on putting an AFPR and gauge on it, you would be better off taking the fuel rails too. That way you have some options when it comes to doing the AFPR/FP Gauge. Ask me how I know.....