4 lug 10th Anniversary Cobras??

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  1. before flaming, what do you guys think? cheap? garbage? i was considering these rims but i'm not in the position to do a 5-lug swap right now... any thoughts??

    *puts on flame retardant suit/undies*


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  2. I love it, the lug holes blend perfectly with the spokes
  3. Doesn't look too bad for a 4 lug wheel.
  4. dang that looks good
  5. I was saving up for the 5 lug set, but I may do those instead
  6. Dammit...go freakin figure they come out with somethin kool like that right AFTER I spend months tryin to figure out what wheels I want and settle with somethin im only half convinced I like LOLOL...then again I really like my wheels now but STILL!!! If they come out with 4 lug FR500s Im throwin down on a set!
  7. not a fan.
  8. i likey. hmmm i just bought new tires too :(
  9. I like them :nice:. I would like to see them on a fox but I'm pretty sure those wheels will look sweet. I was checking out thier other wheels and they seem to have a nice selection of mustang wheels. I say pull the trigger on them and post pics!
  10. I love em. I always did like the tenth anny's. If I didn't have my sterns I would grab a set of those.
  11. There cool cept for the little center caps.
  12. they have a choice of 5 different center caps, i think i'm gonna buy 'em :D
  13. No need to flame. Those actually look pretty good. They need to have 10 inch deep dish ones, now.

    My beef with most 4-lug knockoff wheels is that the holes interfere with the spokes. But it works on those wheels.

  14. your prayers have been answered my friend, they have 17x10 deep dish in gunmetal AND black :nice: i just hope everyone doesn't buy these now haha
  15. They are deff not bad looking. One of the better looking 4 lug wheels.
  16. okay, i just ordered the 17x9" for the front and 17x10" for the back with the polished lip... anthracite 4 lug 10th anniversary cobras, i'm stoked!!

    no one copy me or t3h :ban:

  17. I just ordered a set too! Dang, not going out in a blaze of fire like I was hoping! :ban:
  18. haha oh man, bentley turned t3h bant stick on me now? :SNSign:
  19. I never saw them before. I really like 'em.
  20. yeahhh, i'm glad i came across these, the first time i saw the 10th anniversary cobras on a notch i fell in love, but i was discouraged by the whole 5 lug swap deal since cash is tight these days... but they should be here in "less than 14 days" i will definitely post pics for everyone once they arrive :D