4 lug 10th Anniversary Cobras??

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  1. They really nice on a fox even for a quick job on paint. The more I look at these the more I like them :nice:.
  2. That's pretty damn respectable for a quick mspaint. lol

    I think those would work nicely on your car SteedaGT. Plus you can still swap the Ponies back on if needed.
  3. yet :)
  5. damnit, if i wasnt already working on a little body and carpet work id buy a set! those+nitto 555's on my black vert. :drool:
    anyone chop pls?

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  6. Everybody who already has 5 lug...just get a real set? Or a replica set for a 94+ car? Not a big deal, friends.

    Those look good for a 4-lug wheel, though.

    Oh, and there are more benefits to doing an SN95 5-lug swap other than wheel selection...my Cobra brakes are AMAZING
  7. Do factory Ford caps fit?

    The center caps blow monkey ballz. I'd only buy aftermarker rims of that style if i can fit the ford OEM pony caps in there
  8. yeah the center caps do blow but they say you can choose from 5 different ones. we'll see how the economy goes, im not sure if i wanna blow my savings on wheels and tires jut yet....
  10. Not a bad looking wheel for being 4 lugs. I normally hate the 4 lug look, but those wheels pull it off nicely. :nice:

    I want to do the 5 lug conversion more for the brakes, the wheels are a bonus to me. But I'm not trying to blow my savings on my car right now...
  11. Those look good in 4 lug. Im pissed that I bought these in 5 lug thinking they would be a relatively rare wheel. Long story short, I still havent installed my 5 lug swap, or the wheels & Im already thinking about selling em & picking up something else....
  12. Ya know the more I see stock Mustang wheels that are 5-lug the more I have been wanting to type this post in reply. Why don't these companies just design a unique 4 lug wheel that's made just for the Fox Body guys. Just be nice to see something on a fox other than another Ford wheel. Ford does a fantastic job at designing wheels for the Mustang. I currently have a set of Bullitts on my 88 GT with the 5-lug swap but am currently looking for a new wheel and tire combo to really have something different. I would be more than happy to design a series of wheels just for the fox body Mustang. I have developed full car concepts for SEMA show cars for the past 4 years, have a degree in transportation design, and I love Mustangs especially the fox body cars.
    Wouldn't you guys like to see a fox body wheel line of 4-lug wheels? New and unique?

    Just my 2 cents
  13. what website are these on?
  14. ebay
  15. Ya know i think that a unique 4 lug rim would be sweet but i think that about every type of rim that can be made has, of course i have no imagination. I always thought the old school fat, flat five stars looked cool on foxs. A buddy of mine has some old ASC or maybe its ACS, i cant remember but they are the old fat five spoke rims and look smooth on his car.
  16. Yeah if i keep my fox im seriously getting a set of these!
  17. I think the problem is that most Fox guys are building shoestring budget cars, and unique design wheels are going to be expensive. These replica companies can just reverse engineer Ford's original stuff (maybe even get the original prints/models, I don't know), have them cast overseas, and sell them for dirt cheap here in the states and still make some profit.

    Most aftermarket wheels (American Racing, Cragar, Steeda, etc) are in the 300$ neighborhood per wheel, which is more than double what you can find a Ford knock-off wheel for.

    Now think about this: Most of the guys sticking with 4 lug axles/hubs are going for the cheapest wheels they can find. The guys with the green are going to be upgrading to 5 lug anyway, and obviously the 5 lug market has no limit to new designs, especially if you look into the Euro/Japanese market (though those wheels usually look like hell on Fox cars, haha).

    I'd love to see more unique designs for 4-lug Fox cars, but I just don't think there is much of a market for it.
  18. The main problem with making a "unique" set of 4lug wheels for fox's is that they will be expensive. Most of the guys that could afford them for a project they are building have already spent the money to go to 5lug. Same reason they dont make many cars anymore with 4lug hubs,its just not very cost effective.