4 lug 10th Anniversary Cobras??

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  1. I totally understand what you are saying about tooling costs etc. I work at GMP Diecast as a project manager/designer for high end diecast model cars. I work directly with the China factories, and have even visited the facilities overseas. I guess what I'm thinking is, either way you still have to spend $$ to make a new wheel mold. Now I'm not positive but pretty sure that the factory Ford wheels are cast wheels and the wheels that American racing, Cragar, etc. use are not all cast. American Racing, Cragar, Foose, MHT, etc. and like wheel companies all buy hoop blanks and weld their spokes into the hoops at specific offsets. I had a long talk with 3 wheel companies at SEMA a couple months ago about wheel hoop shortages they are having. There's I think 3 companies (2 in the US and 1 in Canada) that make the wheel hoops are rim blanks. Anyways, my point is if you have to make a new casting to make a 4-lug version of a 5-lug wheel, why not just make something unique. Either way they have to revise or draw a new CAD or Pro-E model to make the new wheel and spend the same amount of money to make the new tool or casting?

  2. True either way they have to make the wheel but what im saying is ok they make a 4lug wheel...say true forged..you are talking 300+ for ONE WHEEL. Most guuys who still have 4lugs are on a budget or spending the money elsewhere. If they make a bunch of 4lug wheels and they dont sell they are just stuck with them. Thats just the way i see it.
  3. They look good. 03 Cobra wheels (standard and anniversary) are the best 4 lug wheels you can buy. There is nothing wrong with those wheels in 4 lug. 5 lug swap can get expensive so if you can't do that, do the wheels.
  4. you can do a 5 lug swap for under 500 bucks, so i think that is the determining factor, its a pretty big investment for someone to take, and to me its not worth it to have a custom 4 lug wheel when you can just go 5 lug and have any wheel you want
  5. got them mounted yet?
  6. Im not sure if u mean me, but I have still not got mine mounted yet....
  7. Another problem with the 4 lug is the brakes. Most guys switching to 5 lug are also looking to improve their brakes. Improving your brakes and staying 4 lug is expensive. Then there's the new hub/spindle that's way better than the old pack your bearings in a rotor setup.:nice:
  8. anyone else got pics besides the green lx on corral or wherever im trying to see them on a GT?
  9. I've done the SN95 5 lug swap twice now and will do it to every fox Mustang I buy. Like said above, the brakes get much better and the wheel selection is the big plus. Everytime I see an 18" FR500 or some other 18" wheel on a fox body with a drum brake out back I just shake my head. Hey I'm on a budget like everyone else too, so I had to save up for the parts. Until then I put some cheap 15" tires on the ol' turbines and was able to enjoy cheap burnouts LOL! The 5-lug route is the way to go and if you have received your new MM&FF magazine issue, my 6 page SN95 5-lug 4 wheel disc brake tech artcle is in that issue. Check it out.

  10. Sorry, but they just don't look right.
  11. Anybody feel like doing a fotoshop job to see how the wheels would look?
  12. have you mounted them yet???
  13. nope, waiting for the weather to get nice, check my progress thread
  14. i second this cause i have a silver car...
    im dying to see these on a gt....please will a photshopper do me the favor........:shrug:
  15. this thread won't die
  16. well i subscribed to it, i figured this thread can get some photochoppers on teh JOB!!!
  17. ps. can we get some photochoppers on the job please? possibly put these wheels on a gt any color as long as its a gt...
  18. dude you've been begging since january for a photoshop, look at a mustang on here with 5 lug 10th anniversary cobras, now imagine reaaaal hard that there's one less lug hole :shrug:

    not to be a dick, but, seriously...
  19. HAHAHAHAHA, I think he wants someone to photoshop a different set of mufflers on his car too, cause he never seems to be happy with how his car sounds. Or a photoshop of him driving a different car for a daily. lol Its all fun and games, Im only playing around.
  20. hahaha. you sir just made my morning :nice: