4 lug 10th Anniversary Cobras??

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  1. Just to update..... has anyone else put these wheels on their Fox yet? I've still yet to see a 4-lug set on anyone's car.
  2. I haven't seen anyone else doing it yet,but they come in dd and black now too
  3. "dd"??

  4. deep dish
  5. Oh... thanks!!

    I haven't seen these wheels anywhere but LRS and ebay. I wonder if they're
    the exact same wheel??

  6. mine are not deep dish but they are 17 X 9 from ebay . They just arrived earlier this week , no tires and car is on stands but I can throw one on and snap a picture for you over the weekend if that will help. Car is an 86 Gt vert .
  7. Got me a set

    I got a set from OE wheels in Florida off of Ebay. They were excellent to deal with and I highly recommend them:


    I got 275/17/40 in back and 255/17/40 in front
  8. nice!! cansomeone photoshop those black?? I have been wanting to get a black set, but am not sure how they would look
  9. Can we get some profile shots??? I'd like to see how they fit in the fenders. THANKS!!
  10. One last thing... and this is big for me. LRS has them listed as "Gun Metal Gray". If you look at the photo it appears they're basically polished... or a least "light" in color. The wheels above look dark... basically anthracite.

    I like the brighter appearance in the photo of LRS.

    Problem is.... they don't know (or at least the guy I talked to) which version they have.

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  11. Yeah I'll get some when I get home from work.

    They are just about even with the top middle of the wheel wells, it's a perfect fit IMHO.

    The 255's up front fit perfectly on the GT. You could probably fit 275's up front on an LX. The GT ground effects limit width to 255 (at least in my case).

    Here's a pic from the back. I was trying to capture just how meaty those 275's look on the back but the camera doesn't do it justice


  12. 93 Cobra?

    Anybody know whether these will fit on a 93 Cobra? I would imagine the front rotors would have to swap for regular GT/LX size rotors.The Offset for the 9" wheel is a bit more than the stock wheel but the backspacing is really close. The odd part is that CJ Pony parts is listing these with identical Backspacing and offset whether it is 9" or 10"?

    Stock 93 Cobra Backspacing is -5.36"
    Stock 93 Cobra offset is - 1.61"
    9" anniversary Backspacing is -5.2"
    9" anniversary Offset is - .75"
  13. Wow thats a lot of tire! 315's? I take it you are running sans quads?

    Looks tough!
  14. 335's mini tubbed
  15. holy back from the dead thread
  16. Plugging mine...lol: