Expired 4- Lug Convo Pros

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  2. Hi, I was wondering about the wheels that you have I just had my mustang mini tubbed and I am looking for a set of four lug wheels with an offset that would fill that added space . I am kinda learning as I go and hear that I can go with a 15x10 with a 7.5 backspace ,but I am all ears and wanted to know if what you have might work .Pricing?
  3. mine are 15x8. prob wont work for u to fill the space up
  4. if your close to VA Beach, im up for some horse trading
  5. happy holidays everyone.
  6. Old 351W Pro Turbo Kit for sale w Turbo cam-1000. Cross over pipe needs repair. Kit put out about 8lbs of boost. T64 Turbo. Might fit on a 5.0 not sure.

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  7. cam specs:
    turbo cam 233/237 .550 lift, 115lsa
  8. the set of convo pro's. the skinney fronts (2) and the slicks on the rear(2) what would you take for them?
    the rims and tires together,btw
  9. 600 for Convo Pro's
    600 for Pony's

    pick up local only though
  10. hmmm...let me see how far that would be.might even drive my problem child there and bolt them on before i go.lol
  11. i would keep em all, but cant use them now w 5lug.

    let me know.

  13. need some new black tweed upholstery for my front seats
  14. suns out, stangs are out. Who needs some wheels, tires, and or parts?
  15. looking for rear seats for my coupe and a front bumper for trades
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